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New designed a motor mount for sale, looking for review

Yeah dude, check it out…

On that note @dickyho sorry for the dumb question. What kind of spacers do you use with your wheel pulley? I’d like to use a skate bearing in the wheel pulley. Do you have any pictures of the bearing and spacer combination that you recommend?

I’m not following how a bearing inside the pulley would help. Besides, I already bored mine out 1" using a lathe…

shifts the strain onto the bearing and not only the bolts.

Also shifts the force distribution to be more even, rather than making the pulley a huge lever.

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Wouldn’t you need an extended axle for that? By cutting away the hanger?

either. some ppl trim the hanger down, some ppl gets hangers that are already made for the pulley bearing in mind.

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I see… well hopefully it’ll be ok without a pulley bearing. I’m only running 10s2p 6355 so no insane amounts of torque.

It will be fine without a bearing in the pulley. Lots of wheel pulleys on the markets don’t use a bearing.

I run this bearing in the wheel (pulley-side), and I shaved-down 4mm from my truck hanger (Caliber II).

Are you using any spacers to move the wheels further from the base of the axle? For example: I have a Torqueboards 218 and I added a few spacers and washers to move both rear wheels out as far away from the hangar’s base as possible to accomodate the room for dual Turnigy 6374s

Just received my order today. Thank you @dickyho!!! Everything was packaged extremely well and I received every part exactly as ordered!

You guys are going to be shocked to discover that the package was received from China in 7 days. Very impressed!20181003_191941 20181003_191958


Damn are those anodized black? I tried painting mine but it’s already chipping off. Still waiting on those pulley cover files as well, do they extend at all beyond the mount? I’m doing a reverse mount and need protection for the motors.



Building new board before renegade

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Quick question to @dickyho I ordered the caliber mount versions. But do you have just the inserts for the Paris style truck. Will I be able to use the Caliber version with a different a Paris insert? Was that the idea, to have different inserts?


I believe he’s answered this before. I don’t think there is a Paris insert. The Paris mounts just have a hole cut to size. Less parts to deal with.

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Does anyone have an easier method for filing down the pulley bore size besides with files? My wheels are spaced out too far for my liking so wanna work them in a bit. I’ve taken a bit off the hangar but don’t wanna destroy structural integrity

Dremel maybe

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Gonna have to see if I can dig my dremel out of whatever hole its hiding in

I only had to file down the square corners of the truck and it took me a minute per side with the cheapest file I could find, if you’re careful and mark it out you’ll probably do a much better job than I did but it definitely works!

Not anodized, unfortunately. Dickyho said he could paint them black for me. We will see how well the black paint holds up.

Yeah, the pulley covers do extend past the mount. Here is a better picture: 20181004_053525

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