New designed a motor mount for sale, looking for review

how many pieces you need?

I have this mount too. if you are using 36T 12mm wheel pulleys, and 7 inch trucks, very possible it will work for my new mount. but you need to turn you truck to fit .

better way is buy 1pc of my 8 inch truck, then save a lot effort.

I was wondering if you’d be able to send me the cad files so that i could mill it out of my own 10mm piece. its for my school. major project so i need to do most of the work myself

I don’t want to do that, my friend. although the design is simple, but I am a seller, always don’t want people to copy.

by the way, this drawing is simple, why don’t make it you self?

Regards Dicky


Yeah i think i will, i’ll use this design as my inspiration. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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How big of a wheel could you use with those mounts cause bigger wheels could cause issues.

the green wheels on my picture is a 97mm wheel.

I’m guessing the Paris motor mounts can go to the front or the rear and have adjustable angles up and down

yeah dunno what he will come up with for the caliber trucks, maybe i will just buy one paris truck for the rear to use these mounts^^

What’s the center to center distance

the shortest center to center distance is 75mm

yes, it can

I am not sure myself. fixed angle will be much cheaper, that’s the first idea appealed to me. but I will think about adjustable angle too.

Cool mounts :heart_eyes:

So, buy it. :rofl:


What belt size you use for this dual setup 9/12mm?, how long?

Looks good :+1: Will grab 2 when caliber version is out. Could they fit 6" pneu tires?

same here i will buy 2 when caliber 2 version is available

What is the diameter of the clamping hole?