New DirectFet Anti-spark Switches with onboard LED circuit

This product still requires real-world testing, you will get a full refund/ free repair if problems occur, I appreciate any feedback! Thank you!


I designed a new anti-spark switch, based on the circuit of the Vedder switch.

Features: • completely presoldered • 3 DirectFets (the ones that will also be used on VESC 6.0) • onboard LED driver circuit with adjustable LED current, lights up depending on switch state • only 28x28mm, equals 40% reduced pcb size compared to the original Vedder switch • JST connector for your external switch • 2oz copper • parts purchased at mouser • pure copper heatsink • shrink tube

I’m selling the second version of this switch, below you see pictures of the first prototype compared to a Vedder Switch.

45€ + shipping (worldwide) Located in EU (Salzburg, Austria)


Should it handle the same amount of amps as the vedder?

Even more :wink: I built a test circuit with a 70A supply. Anyway, if the switch fails somehow you get a full refund. I would like to receive feedback from real world conditions.


Oh okay I have yet to blow out a vedder switch on my mountain boards but im pretty sure that the switch is a bottle neck considering the system can output 140 amps constant safely.

but no fuse? :cry:

Just use an inline fuse :slight_smile:

Looks really good!

Sorry, sadly I found no compact fuse holder rated for more than 40A and I also wanted to make it as compact as possible. Anyway, Inline fuse holders will do the job,

Thank you!

First unit is on its way to @barajabali, the switch won’t be the bottleneck anymore for sure haha :wink:


My dude! Thank you

@goldenHusky – I’m interested in testing out 3 units. I have a dual hub board 800W, dual motor belt 1200W board. that I can try this out on. Using 10s batteries. Recently built these boards. Think you can private msg me and we can complete the transaction for the new direct FET version? Thanks!

Hi @ipv6app

awesome that you found this topic, I almost forgot it myself haha :joy: Pm sent, thanks!

This looks pretty slick! Do you have measurements of the temperature profile over time given certain loads?

I’m considering DIYing something like this but if what you’ve got fits my requirements (considering an all out build with 2x VESC 6) I’d be down to get one of yours.

Specifically, assuming the other components can handle it, I want to see how long I can consume 2800 watts of power @ 40 volts, which coincidentally works out to 70 Amps, matching your test setup. This 2800 number is what I calculated for going up a 20% grade hill at 25MPH given an efficiency of 70%.

In reality I wouldn’t be pulling this much power for very long but there is something nice about overbuilding to never have to worry if anything is operating at its limits.

Thanks! Unfortunately I haven’t, maybe on a rainy day but I can’t promise it. Maybe @ipv6app can tell something regarding the temperature and current on his boards. Like written in the headline, I will refund you if you aren’t satisfied or any problems occur.

I did some research on the DirectFETs, so for anyone else out there that may have been wondering, this should be fine at 70A continuous.

Using values from the datasheet:

  • Worst case Rds_on of ~2mOhm for each at 125ºC
  • Thermal resistance to ambient of 20ºC/W in a mounting configuration with heatsink similar to yours

The power dissipation at 70A would be about 3.3 watts total ( = 70A * ( 70A * 0.002 / 3)), 1.1 W each, giving a temperature rise of only ~22ºC above ambient. Solid!

Nice job, you should make a 6 FETs option too! Many folks here don’t understand that without the DirectFET package, top cooling is useless.

With the metal all around that’s perfect.

Hi! i´m new and i´m considering your E-switch… how much is in US dollars? and the sipping to Chile? thanks!

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Hi @WawiKirsinger thanks!

I will be launching some new versions of the direct fet switches together with some other switches this week, plus an onlineshop for antisparks. Pcbs arrive on Wednesday. They have now a better layout/routing and up to 6 direct fets @Vanarian , but are still not bigger than a vedder switch. Furthermore I had a chat with Fechter to make them literally bulletproof, and they are now :smirk:

Hopefully I get permission from the government in the upcoming days. I will send you the link to my shop so you could choose what model you’d like if you don’t mind. Thanks!

Best Fabio


dude awesome! thanks very much… and sorry for the question but :sweat_smile: what is “6direct fets”… i dont understand to much yet sorry for ask :smiley:

Direct fets are better at heat dissipation they replace mosfets

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It is another type of FETS with metal body instead of plastic ; it does directly conducts the heat in every direction thus being better at dissipation.

Good job @goldenHusky for the new anti spark!