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New DIY remote design! (in progress)

So we have badwolf’s gt2b mod, and after some recent testing I thought I’d add this as a new option to the DIY list.

The goal is a sort of cross between the nunchuk and the Enertion 2.4ghz remote… but using a gt2b

So here’s the plan: -no gun shape -push throttle (not a trigger) -18650 battery -ergonomic -little modding needed (i.e. not moving the USB port or cutting the PCB) -reliable!!! -gt2b sensitivity (not enertion 2.4ghz level of sensitivity) -cheap (not 100$… the price of a gt2b plus 3d printing)

The only downsides I can see so far are: -the version I’m making is basically right handed only (could just flip everything for left handed, but either way, there couldn’t be an ambidextrous version) -no perpetual steez The main change on this design is using an 18650 cell, and using the steering setup from the gt2b (because it is more compact) rather than the throttle. The steering can connect in the throttle port, and uses the same base motor, so it works totally fine (I’ve tested it).

here are some pics! I hope to design and start 3d printing some prototypes this week. Anyone else with input is strongly encouraged!!

Let me know what you guys think… and feel free to check out a video of the remote working on my facebook page here:


I like it.
I have a GT2E laying around that I might have a play with one day, maybe something similar.
just need to work out a way to incorporate some perpetual steez.

@cmatson this is great! I was thinking about a similar concept when I did my recent Badwolf Mod… I thought that there must be a way to use these guts to make a thumb controller!

Why switch to an 18650 battery? Is it the size\shape of the standard GT2B battery incompatible with this design?

I’ll print and test this as soon as you’ve got a 3D design to try out.

I found it difficult to find a good spot for the flat battery.

The cylindrical 18650 actually makes for a pretty ergonomic design. The back is rounded, and it gives you a solid grip on the remote. If you want to do this mod, and don’t have a battery, I’ll ship you an LG he2 (from the space cell…) if you just pay the shipping and are located in the U.S.

I’ll let you know when the 3D designing is done, and then let you print a prototype. I also plan to print one sometime this week at my school’s 3D printer.

Also, if anyone else who feels more comfortable with CAD work than me wants to work on this remote design, please, by all means go right ahead!

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Nice work! Are you going to attach something to the throttle to make it easier to grip? You are really good at drawing.

ya, I will make a little joystick add-on for the throttle. Something similar to the Enertion remote.

Wow! I am pretty good with CAD and would love to help out, I also have a 3D Printer for fast prototyping! I am actually working on my own remote with a little different functionality… I would need dimensions and any models u all ready drew (if any)! Let me know if u want to work together on this!


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I’ll get a bunch of measurements up today. Thanks for the help!

for now, here is my rough CAD: (each color is a different​ piece)


Ok I’ll be waiting! I have been more working on custom batteries and integrated charging!

Looks good @cmatson! How did you all get introduced to CAD? Did you take a class, watch a tutorial? How does one get started?

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I am wondering the same thing. @cmatson

I watched a few YouTube videos on how to use simple features of my program, and then just used the program to design and do what I could 3D Print! You basically just have to jump in and learn how to use it. It probably took me about 5 hours to get good and I probably have 50+ hours using my cad software! Just jump into it and don’t give up!

Best of Luck

Thanks @JLabs what program do you like?

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I recommend starting with TinkerCAD.

It’s a free, website based CAD program that is as simply as putting shapes together! It’s very limited, but introduces the foundation well. Infact, that’s what I used to make that rough mockup.

I also use 123D designs for more complicated stuff, as it’s way easier to round edges, make things hollow, etc, in that program. But at the same time it takes longer, so I only tend to work with it on a project where I either know how everything will be right from the start, or have already made some sort of prototype.

As for how I started, it was when my school got a makerbot replicator 5th gen. At first you had to pay to use it, but no one knew how to design stuff, so the printer never got used… then, they made it free, as long as you design whatever you’re printing. Once again, most people don’t use it, so it’s almost like having my own personal 3D printer!

Haha the school is bummed about spending $1200 on a 3D printer, but for us handful of kids who use it from time to time it is pretty awesome :smile:

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Does anyone else think it looks like a coffin? :joy:

I use 123d. I have used tinkercad but prefer 123d design it’s free and you can download it. My only problem with tinker cad is that it’s only online and I have slow internet and don’t all ways have it when I want to design. @cmatson do you have those dimensions?!

I don’t think it looks like a coffin, you have to remember it’s a prototype, it’s not gonna look perfect.

Yes, I understand it’s a prototype, and I meant no disrespect by my comment. I bet it’s gonna look awesome once finished!



Let me know if you need anything else/can’t read something.

All mm by the way


3D printing this bad boy tomorrow!!

Yes, the edges are sharp- this is just a test fitment on a lower print quality to see how things fit/line up.

Plus I decided to test out two different thumb throttles: one, boosted board style wheel (the brown) and the other, an enertion remote or nunchuk style curved joystick.