New Diyelectric 6380 Motors


Who’s got them. Fit dual with 15mm belts on 218mm trucks.


I think they there just released :smiley: I like the idea of 4.1kW from 6380 not 6384 but question whats real length of motor…


Stator is 54mm vs 45mm on their 6374. Not sure about overall length.

Edit: 80mm overall length on the motors

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Damn after I got 4 6374 for my 4wd set up. I cant buy another 4 motors right now:(

I really like what diy has all teased on the menu for the next bit here.

New Kegel Pulley 12mm and 15mm (in production). 110mm Kegel Style Wheels (in testing). 6.3" x 2" Pneumatic Street Tires (All Terrain Knobby Tires in the future, in testing). VESC6 (still in testing). Direct Drive Motors (still in testing). CNC Precision Trucks (still in testing). 37" Kicktail Deck (made for traditional street ESK8 setups) 38" Downhill Deck (made for 6.3" x 2" Pneumatic Tires) We got more coming up!!!

Welp there goes at least another grand this summer :stuck_out_tongue:


They are awesome I love their products.


Thank you guys for all your support!!!

We’re working on it as fast as we can…

We should be moving into a bigger warehouse closer to the end of the year so a lot more things to come…! Increasing and improving the support team as well.

@E1Allen - The motors are 80mm in length. We shaved some space off of the casing to accommodate.


If only they had a direct FET ESC. Currently there’s a bit of a hole in the market and I’d like to see an alternative to ordering focbox’s from Australia or controllers.

Glad to know they’re working on it!

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Thanks! Currently using your 218mm trucks and a few other things. Looking forward to the other new stuff as well.

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Just got these bad boys in for my trampa build 12s7p e-toxx mini direct drive. Now need to wire everything. Can’t wait to try these motors out.


I am really interested in those 110mm kegalish wheelz


So am I I’ve been looking at those constrictors for too long but 200$ is what it would roughly cost me per set :frowning:

Already my 90mm abec clones are pretty cushy coming from standard 72mm longboard wheels. At least for pushing

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The colors they offer are ugly and wouldn’t match my board at all.

Haha idgaf about matching colours for me it’s all about performance lol


My first kit was from @torqueboards and I’ve purchased lots of parts and been extremely happy with the service I’ve gotten from Dexter and co. I will continue to shop with them going forward as well.


That was unnecessary. 1000s of people have used @torqueboards motors and are happy with the color. If your not ok, but no need for insults.


But they would match his board…

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@Kuchi LOL sorry… our 110 kegels are going to be BLACK lol (P.S. I was told black doesn’t affect duro for those that wonder.)

Can do white… but they’ll be black anyways… Can do yellow but they’ll be black anyways… :slight_smile:


I noticed that, figured if focus on the other point :grinning:. Good catch though.

Oh Lord, please no more white. I don’t understand why people wanna ride in trailer park wheels :grinning: