New eFoil build!

Hey everyone! I’m jumping on the bandwagon and building an electric hydrofoil. However, I’m a software engineer and don’t have much expertise in the hardware realm. I’m hoping I learn a lot from this forum!

I pulled a lot of inspiration from pacificmeister (@Msk8), virus, and others.

I’m documenting my build here:

I have my parts list here:

Feel free to comment and let me know how I did. I know, I spent a lot of money! But hopefully it’s way cheaper by the second one!

Thanks, Tyler

build link isn’t working bro

the interwebs must work differently in Australia

website works for me…

awesome project btw!

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if you need a planetary gear reducer, why not just run a lower kv motor?

That’s a great question. It is talked about forum post below. I am assuming it’s just because those low KV motors are hard to come by?

holy, 400+ post thread. I’ll have to take some time and go through it. I’m pretty active in the local watersport community so these electric foils are really quite interesting to me.

Yeah I definitely could have missed something. I figured I would take the safe bet this time and go with what someone else has already done, but I would like to find a cheaper solution moving forward.

What KV would be ok than to not use reducer? There’s a 380KV version.

Looks like an awesome build! I’d love to build one of these someday. I’d recommend getting a BMS for your batteries so you can minimize how much you need to open and close your enclosure. Also getting some type of clear silicone would be a great way of waterproofing everything on top of the Corrosion X. Also not sure if you already have that 3D printer or not but the CR-10 might be a better choice for $400 it has a larger build volume. Oh and a nice temp controlled soldering station is a must.

Hey @JdogAwesome. Not familiar with the term “BMS” but I’ll attempt to Google it! So far I only got “Bristol-Myers Squibb” corporation! :joy:

The 3D printer I got was the Qidi Tech I -

Lol BMS stands for Battery Management System and it’s pretty much a a protection and balancing circuit so you don’t need to use a balancer and only need a external plug to charge it. You can find them on AliExpress, eBay, etc look up some info on here and you’ll find a ton.