New electric board design (first build) + Presentation

Hello eSk8 builders! I’m Borja Diaz, skater, longboarder, snowboarder and digital fabrication addict I’m new in the electric skateboards world but I have researched tons and tons of information and finally I have all my components and instructions to start building my own electric board. I have met 1 industrial engineer and 1 programmer and we are going to investigate together new methods, techniques and implementations to this kind of vehicle.


-“On board incrusted batteries covered with carbon fiber” to have the slimmest board possible

This image is from the work of @lowGuido

-Tracking status of the board (battery, heat, velocity…etc.) by websocket encrusted in a apk (I dont know about programming but my buildmate said me something more or less similiar to this) -Automatic Following system for that moments when you use the board to carry things or you are busy to carry it by hand, that way the board follows you wherever you go (This things will be included in the future, first we are going to make a “regular” electric board while we investigate on that)


-6S2P (12 cells: 3,7v 1s 5000mah 20c each one) -236kv SK3 motor -80A SBEC -GT2B Controller -6s 10a BMS -Orangatang Kegel 80mm 83a wheels -12 teeth pinion and 36 teeth spur (2,57 reduction ratio) -HTD 5mm 15 timing belt -24v 10a power supply

Aproximately 31Km/h speed in a range of 15km

That’s all friends :wink: See you in the comments

“On board incrusted batteries covered with carbon fiber” sounds tasty and foreign but looks good

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What about giving @lowGuido credit for his Work and Picture?


not really

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Of course! I didn’t know what was the original source of that image I just googled it sorry :wink:

Changed it to “Implementations” , Does it really exists a board that follows you automatically? I’m really curious :slight_smile:

for what its worth, the image of mine that you have used actually shows a 6S 10000mah battery, which would be much slimmer than 6S2P 5000mah. my board (upper in this picture) actually contains a 12S 10000mah battery which would be the same thickness as your proposed 6S2P setup.


It looks awesome @lowGuido ! The 6s2p setup that I’m making is a little bit slimmer than my longboard so I’m going to use a CNC to carve the board and introduce the batteries in it. Where did you find the wheels with the motors inside? I didn’t find anyone with enough power, only cheap “kid” motors on AliExpress, if you have a link I will be very grateful :wink: Also, when you made the hole to insert the batteries and cover it with carbon fiber… does it still strong as if it is the regular board?