New Electric Board - need advice

Well I.m new in this forum and for last week I was reading lots of posts and learned a lot…

Now I would like to get some feedback to see if I got it all good and some advices on what should i add to my project.

First. for board ill make my own. the design will be something like this one Tho i still have a big question… Im not sure what thick should it be… I found a local store where i can get birch plywood of 4mm. Im thinking of 16mm thickness what do you think??

  1. for wheels and bearing i rlly have no idea what to use … i could use some advices here

  2. for truck ill have the enertion one coming in a few weeks

  3. i got the 6355 190kv motor from enertion and the vesc from them too. I hope it will be fine

  4. I still have no idea what to do with the remote control… im thinking to get a GT2B from hoobyking but is too big not sure how am i gonna mod it…

  5. Well now the battery. Im still thinking between 18650 li ion and building my own pack or buying lipo battery. The result will be 10s 5000mah 20C. The big problem is that i want to charge them fast and plug it in the wall at 220 and chart it that way. If anyone has some schematic for something like that pls share. My alternative is a battery charger but is kinda hard to keep it all the time with me so i can charge my board.

  6. for transmision im still thinking not sure… maybe ill have a ratio of 16/36 16/40 something like that…

After ill get my components ill post pictures of my project as im doing it. im so exicted. Btw if anyone has ideas for component im in Europe and i dont rlly like the tax for transport from US or so…

Thank you.

Why if ordered the trucks from enertion, didnt you get the whole drive system? Everything is included, good nylon pulleys and abec 9 bearings

I got the trucks cause i liked them lol but the pack was too expencive for me… i only had $ for motor vesc and cause they came in bundle i was able to add the trucks too :confused: If i had more money i wouldve got everything from enertion lol ^.^

LiFePo4 batteries are the best choice in my opinion, but more expensive. Btw read this before using vesc:

The drive kit is a good price trust me, if you have that, you only need battery, controller and a deck

@kaziupir thank you for the warning ill keep that in mind.

About LiFePo4 they are expensive indeed… im a bit on a budget… i invested more in motor and vesc because these 2 are the most important parts in my opinion… now i have to figure out the battery and remote control …

You might want to go with Lipo batteries for your first build (you can always upgrade to Lions or Lifpo later) Lipos pack a lot of power in a lightweight inexpensive package. You can go 6s, 8s, 9s or 10s depending on how much torque and speed you want and how much weight and bulk you want under your deck. For controllers offers a couple of options. The mini RC is my favorite. category/electric-skateboard-parts/remote-controller/

And concerning the Vesc, It is by far the best esk8 controller that money can buy. And it is well worth the effort and learning curve required to use it. While your waiting for it to arrive, do yourself a favor and search VESC on this forum to find all the info and warnings you need to know to avoid damaging your vesc while setting it up. If you find that you need extra help getting your vesc setup, there are some really good people on this forum who would be happy to help you, myself included.

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If I were you, I would go for a 6S lipo OR two 4S Lipos in series. 5000mah lipo will get you decent speed and distance. Please read up on the VESC like @Namasaki suggested, they are very easy to mess up if you don’t do everything right. What are you planning on for the motor mount and everything? I’d recommend an Enertion motor mount, along with their wheel pulley drive system if you are just starting out.

@Namasaki it wont be a problem being my first build because i worked with lipos in many projects so far. All i like about li ion is that i can arrange my pack how i want it and it wont be as bulky. But in both cases i need an option to charge them up. As for cels i will use 10s.

Thank you for the mini RC ill look it up. I guess is compatible with vesc.

And for vesc I read from a few topics here and also on vadder forum and posts… and esk8 videos I’m slowly understanding how to use it but still not sure how to connect the remote controller either the mini RC from or the GT2B from HK.

As far for the mounting ill do it my own. ill keep posting as i am doing progress

The mini RC from Diy work very well with the Vesc. It comes with a receiver that connects to the Vesc via a servo wire harness. This video shows how to calibrate the Vesc to your remote.

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