New Electric Skateboard Battery and Enclosures Ownboard Sanyo 20700

Brand new. I never ended up using it. I paid $314. Copy of my receipt attached. Asking $200 +shipping OBO. USA lower 48 only. Charger included (see pics).

Ownboard Sanyo 20700

Sanyo 8.1Ah: 16010545mm 291.6wh 24Ah

IMG_20190520_150800 IMG_20190520_150811|666x500


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Samsung 7.5ah battery for $160 tho. 10s3p with dimensions

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You are paying premium for lifetime, those 21700’s will get far more lifetime than the 25R’s will

No. You are paying a premium to ship parts direct from China. If you think there is a significant lifetime difference between cells with the same chemistry, but different housing size, maybe read some more. There may be a minimal lifetime difference, but it is definitely not significant enough to pay more for less output.

Fair enough

Do you still have this battery

SOLD. Thanks.