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New Enclosure with grab handles

@Mobutusan @longhairedboy @mccloed I couldn’t sleep…So I made a new mold for up to three 4s 10ah multistar batteries. In the back of my mind I knew some of you were looking for a double enclosure, or a solution to super flexible decks so I started cutting and sanding. I’m sure my neighbors are stoked I was running power tools at 3am…Haha!

This enclosure’s grab handles will also double as the wiring channels between the batteries and escs. Will accommodate pretty much 2 esc’s of any make/model.

The grab handles are optional, are 7" in length and are trim to fit. So i you want 4" handles cut 3" off. Or tell me you don’t like the handles and I’ll form 2 enclosures w/no handles. Did I write HANDLES enough?

I’m going to sleep now.


Nice! I like it. Way to get a handle on handling the handle situation. That’s pretty close to what I envisioned for a two box setup. I like the two different size boxes, and the cut to fit handles seem like a great, universal solution. Doubling as wiring channels is brilliant!

I haven’t had much of a chance to use my new board yet, but having a handle built in makes carrying it around so much easier.