NEW: Enertion R-SPEC 2.0 190KV | 6374

Building a Dual Drive Skateboard can be very expensive also maybe not required for some riders who weigh less & don’t have many hills to climb… so to save some money the best thing you can do is go single drive!

Well…Now you can build an absolute weapon of a single drive with the NEW R-SPEC 6372 Motors.

SPECS: 800 grams 63mm diameter 72mm length 190KV


Those are sexy. Excited to hear further specs.

same specs as the 6355, just longer.

price not sure, calculating that now

Power output must be higher?

yeah it can handle more power. 2800Watts

i have current limit set in vesc so system can never reach over about 2000Watt Peak total anyway.

i look forward to doing more testing with single motors builds…

Awesome @onloop ! I hoped you’d produce a 72mm.

Nice @onloop These won’t work in dual rear will they? Imagine DD with these… :smiley:

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i have considered a front facing and rear facing bracket for a dual rear drive with twin big motors.

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I suddenly find myself glad I waitet ordering my motor :smiley: this looks SWEET!

A thing of beauty indeed. Looks like i found the motor for my single drive option.

sweet! I’m just hoping i isn’t too far outa my price range…

Yes, they are F’ing expensive… its like buying 1.5X 6355 r-spec

makes the turnigy 6374’s look like a bargain at $80, lol

When will they be available?

they are actually in stock, but just haven’t had time to put them on the website, maybe tomorrow.

How much will they price at?

I’m also curious about the price. Maybe since my motor hasn’t shipped yet, I could upgrade my order to this one, as long as the price isn’t too much higher. What are the advantages of this one as a single drive setup?

@CSN @sk8ace

Jason said 1.5 r-spec’s, and an r-spec is just over 100 USD… so I bet you are looking somewhere around 150-160, maybe even a little more.

With just a beast single setup, you can save money by only buying buying one esc, one mounting system, a lighter board overall, and possibly have better efficiency- The efficiency point might not apply as much for this r-spec, but I’d still bet that it is better than having two original r-specs; just maybe not by much…

I’ve gone with single motor setups on all my boards, ranging from a 6s single 50mm build, to a 10s r-spec build. Now, you have to realize I’m only 16 and 140 pounds, so single motors are just fine for me- even the 6355 r-spec is fine running in a single config. I also don’ have any hills (florida life) so I don’t need to worry about that either…

The main things to take into account is that a dual motor build (despite what people say) will not go faster than if you just had one motor geared the same: the dual motors advantage is just having more torque for faster acceleration, which leads to better uphill performance, and the ability to carry more weight.

So, bottom line: If you live in a hilly area, or just want super awesome acceleration and performance, than dual motors are for you.

BUT, this new r-spec seems like the perfect middle ground between single and dual, if you are wavering in between: so if you think single would be fine for you, but you know you want more performance than one motor can offer, this might be a good option for you.

That said I think the turnigy 6374 190kv is around 80+shipping, so this may end up being close to double the price of that… Granted though the turnigy doesn’t have a keyway, the wires are super stiff, and it isn’t built to the quality of the r-specs, I still think it might end up being a better deal for those on a budget.

Basically, if you were thinking of getting a dual config, and you don’t really need it than this will save you money

if you were going single motor config, than for an extra 50ish usd you can have a board that is way better than what you’d achieve with a single r-spec- again, worth the extra in my mind.

It’s only not worth it if you don’t need it, or are trying to build a cheap board (which could backfire on you in the long run)…

haha, a lot of reading, I know… hope it helps though!

and check out TB’s new 63mm motors.

If the big R-spec is too expensive then can get two of these for the same price.

Nice long shaft for wider belts and keyway etc. Plus it’s sensor’d.


yep- 230kv is higher though, so it would take more gearing down if you were running 10s or 12s: it is basically the same as the original r-spec, just with a longer shaft, higher kv, and it’s sensored.

The r-specs biggest flaw is its price…