NEW: Enertion R-SPEC 2.0 190KV | 6374

Oh, I didn’t realize it was a sensored motor when I looked at the page the other day. The vesc is compatible with sensors motors too?

yep, it is. Torqueboard’s esc is also compatible. I haven’t actually tried a sensored setup, so I can’t give any feedback on that :smile:

maybe @torqueboards wants to pitch in with his opinion, since he he has released two sensored motors in the last few months.

Do you know what they look like I couldn’t find it on there website.

they are still a mystery in terms of looks- @torqueboards should have them up on his website soon though as I recall him saying they were only about 1 week away from coming in stock.

Thanks for the replies! So much to think about hah. The order was already placed so I am getting one or the other no matter what. I would need to know the price and send the difference before he ships the smaller motor. (If the price is competitive). My area is pretty hilly… It seems I would be better off with the bigger r spec for now.

if it hasn’t shipped, I’m pretty sure you can cancel with no penalty… then, when the bigger r-spec comes out, you can either re-order the smaller one, or order the bigger one.

Go dual motor if you want to climb 15% and higher… If your looking for just 15% single motor is more then adequate.

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Enertion “Big Boy” R-SPEC 6374 190KV Electric Skateboard Motor

Coming soon: - 12mm Wide Belts to allow 33% more torque transfer!

Haha there you go, right in between my 150-160usd projection!

Still looks like a beast that I might need…

Gee you could put one on the front trucks and one on the back trucks :smile: or space the wheels and motor mounts out a bit and fit two on the back trucks.

Jason any ride impressions and how it compares to a single 6355?

Any plans to spec a longer shaft? or is that enough to run a 12mm belt?

side-by-side - 6372 | 6355

Don’t need a longer shaft, the 12mm wide belt & pulley fits on this shaft perfectly - Any wider then 12mm and the motor mount is forced into a position on the truck hanger that isn’t completely square (the truck hanger starts to taper away around the bushings mount) this prevents a true 90 degree / perfect alignment of the motor mount - Basically it makes the mount sit at a very slight angle which introduces alignment and clamping problems and will also affect torque transfer and, therefore, counteracts any of the benefits you would get by having 15mm belts. As you know proper alignment and high clamping strength are critical.

In fact, even a 9mm wide belt is ok in single drive applications, but for the heavier guys, 90kg+, and for those that want maximum performance the 12mm belt offers a 33% increase in acceleration & braking torque.

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In terms of how it performs, I haven’t built a single drive eboard yet (ever)… so ill let you know. I expect it to be pretty good. It’s fairly flat where I live now so maybe ill ride it… I am very interested to know if a single drive is more / less energy efficient.

What I do know is the maths in terms of how much you can save.

Assuming you have the trucks and wheels

DUAL DRIVE 2x VESC = ($169ea) $338 2x R-SPEC 6355 = ($159.95ea) $319 2x MOTOR MOUNTS = $359 TOTAL = $1016 for dual drive eboard components

MONO DRIVE 1x VESC = $169 1x R-SPEC 6372 = $219.95 1x MOTOR MOUNT = $179.95 TOTAL = $568.9 for mono drive eboard components

Dollars saved = $447.1 Mono Drive is 44% more affordable.

In terms of Max Rated Torque Transfer a dual drive with 9mm belts is double the equivalent mono drive with a 9mm belt - Meaning a 50% reduction in torque transferred to the wheels in a mono drive.

With the NEW R-SPEC 6372 Combined with a 12mm Wide Belt (which offers 33% increase in torque transfer) a Mono Drive is now only a 17% reduction in Max Torque Transfer when compared to a Dual Drive.

The question is, do you spend 44% more to get a Dual Drive to increase torque transfer rates by just 17%?

There are some other advantages of DD to consider, such as no torque steering/braking, traction, brake force, etc

ALSO, In terms of acceleration, the ability to transfer more torque is only useful if the motor outputs more torque! So that is why combining the 12mm wide belt/pulleys with the 6372 R-SPEC makes a lot of sense. It outputs more torque! The 6372 R-SPEC is 30% longer than the 6355 R-SPEC - It has a longer stator, longer magnets & more copper it can produce more torque output at any RPM and it can also handle higher current.

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I love my Turnigy 6374 192KV single drive, it pulls me up hills no problem and has loads of Torque, the only downside is i can only run 9mm belt and pulleys.

I think ill be ordering one of these to go with my new VESC :smile:

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@onloop you say its rated for 2800 watts but on your website it says the motor is only rated for 2400 watts :wink:

the big boy attached to truck & wheels

Two of these motors one on the front truck and one on the back on 12s would be some thing else.

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@onloop Don’t understand why a 12mm belt should increase the torque by 33%. I think it can handle motors with more torque where the 9mm will get destroyed, but I don’t see why the torque with the same motor should be higher. Maybe you can explain it more in detail.

@jakeyb2525 You say you can’t use a 12mm belt on your 6374 motor. Why?

I’m using a Turnigy SK3 6374, they have a shorter motor shaft so its harder to mount a 15mm wide pulley, i’ve not tried 12mm

Diy & Enertion’s motors have longer shafts so you can run a wider pulley & belt.