NEW: Enertion R-SPEC 2.0 190KV | 6374

it doesn’t increase torque, it increases torque transfer ability by 33%

Oh, I see. Sorry for the noob question, but that means that the currently used 9mm belt will “lose spin” (don’t know if the word has the right english meaning) with a motor like the 6372 or his little brother, when you accelerate to fast? When this is correct is the attrition high so that one should change the belts often?

Edit.: Do you know a roughly date when the 12mm one will be in the store?

If you have one motor I highly recommend wider belts, if you have two motors with 9mm wide belts (which is all that will fit) technically you have a total of 18mm wide belt. Two motors is always better than one - but just more expensive… It was my goal to maximise the performance of a single drive eboard.

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A few quick questions, what’s the shaft length on the r-spec 2.0 6374? And what’s the bolt hole spacing? I’m wondering if the bolt holes match the EMP C5065-409,


97mm long shaft.

44mm & 30mm bolt hole spacing.

what is the size of the bullet connecter?? think it will fit in vesc 4mm?

5.5mm connector. so not sure that it will fit your vesc… Anyway i am starting to think the connectors for motors are more of a hassle, direct solder is my preference now.

Nice to see you get to that conclusion, it is so much better and a cleaner look. I personally just use connector for the receiver, charging port and xt-90 loop key.

The page is not found… 6374 motors ??

Hey I have been looking for one too friend, but it seems that he is not selling them any more. if any one wants to unload a 6375 let me know

I’ve got a used Enertion 6374 for sale if you’re interested

How much you looking for and how used

I believe @onloop said they’re currently out of stock right now. I donn’t think he said when they were coming back into stock or if they were even going to. I think I may have gotten the last one. :sweat_smile:

You could always jump in this group buy :slight_smile:

@Just_esk8in @solarcross

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Ya Initially I did want the 6374 190KV…

  • e-bike USE ONLY…
  • currently I have a Tacon Bigfoot 245KV… Works really well !!!

Now I want to go for a 170KV or less…

cool, is this first ebike on esk8 forum? watch out ES

What happened to the 6372? Its not on your website anymore…

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Hi Guys,

I have the same motor and I have some questions. I installed 10s2P battery that can give 40A continuous but I don’t know why te current of the motor is different and more High than the current can drain the battery.

Then having this motor and this battery setup some of you know what are the maximum values in the current limits of this configuration that I can put without problems in the BLDC tool? (Motor max, Motor min (regen), Batt max, Batt min (region) and absolute max.

Best regards. Rutx

You can fit a 15mm wide belt on a sk3 motor ,…depends on what mount you use

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Out of curiosity, going with a new improved R-Spec2.0, why not make the openings a little smaller to help keep dirt and debris out? Has that not really been an issue you’ve experienced with the previous R-Spec or is the cooling benefits outweighing the desire for that change?