New ESC, should I test my motors somehow?

I had an Evolve ESC burn up on me where one of my motors connects to the board. I just bought a Unity, new BMS and remote to break out of the Evolve world.

I have new motors on order, but in the meantime, I’d like to try the new setup with my existing racestar 140Kv motors and see if everything works. Is there some way I can test the motors before connecting to the ESC to see if there’s any issue? I’m hesitant to just connect them since I’m not sure if a problem with my motor is what caused the other ESC to burn up in the first place.

if you test resistance on all 3 coils, and they are all close to motor spec, then it’s pretty much impossible for them to kill your esc… unless the amp draw of your motors exceeds that of your ESC, so check that spec too.

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