[NEW] Esk8 battery calculator - (3% discount at Nkon also at ru.nkon now!) More coming soon

Hey guys,

I just wanted to create a new thread about my recently created web application which is a esk8 battery calculator.


It is a calculator for people who want to buy a new battery pack or check what the vesc settings should be acording to the batteries spec sheet.

You can also calculate the price per kilometer and see how much discharge a battary pack would have.

Feel free to ask any questions. The price calculations are EU based.

I’ve also reached out to Nkon who is willing to offer 3% discount to my calculator users :D!

Best regards, Menno


Wow thats pretty cool, well done! Will you add option for the international version of Nkon?

You mean ru.nkon.nl? I’ve contacted them if they would sponsor that aswell.

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Does the discount work in the us?

Recommendation please use Mooch’s guidelines battery capabilities

since 30q can do 20a and 40T isn’t good at 35a


I use all the time lygte-info.dk

The benchmark about the 40T looks good…


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OK I haven’t read much but I usually follow what mooch says



Hmmm, I will order in some months 100 samsung 40T for testing in my trampa, I will share my experience with those cells.


Your goal is circle the globe on 1 charge?


Haha, It is for 2 trampa’s. so only a 12s4p-> 40km. I hope @Eboosted brings out a new enclosure for those trampa holypro such like those from Kaly :slight_smile:

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Hey moon I have considered this. But as an official site and with Nkon as partner I have to stick to the datasheets from the manufacturer I hope you can understand that.

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a DS enclosure is already available

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I’m having a hard time when comparing to a 12s5p of Sanyo NCR20700B 4250mAh - 15A

€281 delivered…enough discharge magic?

Discount link is broken for meimage

Your shoppingcart js empty. Please add the products you want to order first.

It was filled but maybe something to do with me using the English version?

Ah ok I see it, I use the English version eu.nkon


Yes the flow works if you stay in Dutch site, thanks

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The discount also works at the eu site. Let me add a button on the calculator :wink:


Just wanted to let you know I now support eu.nkon.nl aswell :wink:

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aren’t you forgetting all non-EU countries gratuitous :wink: https://ru.nkon.nl/

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Haha I know,

The discount code doesn’t work there (yet). I’m in negotiation with nkon about that.

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thank you for discount deal! :slight_smile: but my problem is, I can not find where to write that discount code? should I do it after paypal login? that doesn’t seem logical