NEW ESK8 Controller 1.1 based on V 4.12 little bit smaller

Our modified V 4.12 is finally finished!

We were inspired by Chacka And have thought that we should follow his way There are still a few other components added But I list that later. We would appreciate your opinion



The diameter was 75mm x 65mm x 19mm

Well done. This looks very clean and tidy! When will they available and for how much?

There seems to be a lot of unused real estate on that PCB. Other than that nice job. Do you see improvements in terms of FOC reliability with this version?

What we have upgrade:

IRF7749L1 DirectFet-L8

Upgrade by C1,C8,C9,C39,C40,C42,C43,C44,C45,C49 from 10yF 50V to 4,7yF 100V Extra upgrade by C46,C47 2 resistors extra 4,7yF 100V and to the C37, C51 we build for more reserve on C48 2x 4,7yF 100V resistor. R53,R54 WSLP2726 Shunts And Micro USB

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When will it be available ?

We have it now in our shop

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200 euros including tax, excluding shipping


So if i understand,

This Controller will solve the problem of overheating / Thanks to Direct Fets and the allu case. It will also solve the probleme of unexpected Boost when Duty cycle Drop since 0.85 to 0.95 cause the current is mesured on all phases.

So it’s a great improve compare to the 4.12 version.

May I right ?

It looks really nice! Great work. Only complaint is I want the USB to point upwards.

What’s the reason for the large caps being two different types / sizes?

Caps offer different frequency behaviour according to their capacity. Caps with more capacity can not provide power instantly/ as fast as it would be needed, caps with smaller capacity can. By taking different sizes caps in parallel you are usually well prepared for fast load changes and prevent undervoltage errors.


We need a Group buy in EU , with this new controller :sunglasses:

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They are from Germany - why would you need a groupbuy then?

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Better price… isn’t that the thing with Group buys ?

AFAIK they don’t even offer bulk pricing. GB are usually only done to save shipping costs from overseas.

Or mostly to cut down the price on bulk orders. Maybe would reconsider offering bulk discounts.

I’d be totally down for a VESC group buy if we can lower the price enough

Thanks for your consideration For a group buy. Unfortunately I have to tell you, That we have only used the best material What it gives to the market We also produce everything in Germany Unfortunately, the producing cost is very high We have only produced 100 pieces Which is also unpopular for the price too Only the housing cost us in production 50.- € At the price of 199.- € we do not even have 10% But we donate ourselves from this Money BV too. Of the little money that keeps us We wanted to show with this controller What you can build so beautiful when you want! But we are trying to produce a larger quantity To bring the price down So that we can go a little bit down with the price. We will also produce a low budget controller Only with heat sink and heat shrink tubing This could make the price around 25-30 € cheaper For this, we have to test first whether it is because of the heat. And the USB and PPM cable was in the front from the case, for better connecting. Al the other Producer build the USB and the Ppm on Top, what unfortunately was for the connections. By this Controller you done must break the cables.

Regards Attila