New esk8 starter kit $300 US obo SOLD

Turnigy SK3 6374 192kv motor Vesc 2.0 Enertion trunks 180mm 2.0 (rear cuts already made by enertion) Enertion motor mount KAMA Nyko wii remote and receiver Enertion 12mm timing belt Enertion 36T 12mm drive hub Enertion 15T 12mm motor pulley Shipping only to the US. everything is brand new never got around to build must go as a kit all together shipping the same day payment goes throgh PayPal.

Dude almost there…you can still build it

2 jobs 2 kids and a baby on the way…lol… no time …:joy::joy::disappointed_relieved::sob:

Yeah but you could use it to go get forumula and diapers :joy: @Michaelinvegas


dam would you sell without caliber II trucks, already got trucks :open_mouth:

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So freaking tempting

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where are you located ?

I’m in california

I’ll take ut

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Send me a message

Still available

Paypal Sent, Thanks