New eskater, need help with batteries

Hello, I’m quite new to electric skateboarding.

I would appreciate some advice in choosing the batteries. I have already bought FSESC 4.12 50A, Flipsky R 6374 190KV (max current 85A) and other necessary electronics.

I’m planning on using the board mostly for cruising round the city and sometimes going up small hills. The distance i plan to travel will be no more than 15 km So what would be the best battery setup for my needs?

Could my needs be met with 12s2p with LG HE4 batteries which will have total of 40 Amps, or should i make 12s2p with Sony VTC4 or with Samsung 30T, which will have total of 60 - 70 Amps?


12S2P P42A is good. Will get all your range and more.