New evolve battery cells

Hi, I’m just about to start building my new evolve battery. 10s4p 18650 using the evolve bms. My question is what cells to use. My first though was 30q but I’ve seen reports that the bms and motors can’t take the extra amps for long with out failing. So should I use something like 35e with less amps to help protect the other components. Evolve are using the 35e in their new boards so could they be a good choice. Thanks in advance. Jamie

those reports were not true, because esc will draw as much amps as it needs to get you moving. Only other device that could limit your amps output is bms. If you have battery which can output 1000 amps, it doesn’t mean it will, it will output as many amps as esc wants.

Upgrading Evolve battery to 30Q is quite common actually and I would rather go with those cells than with 35E. They both seems great for Evolve and I hear only good reviews about them in new GTR


I can second that. Having a 60amp battery in an evolve board wont cause problems.

Most of my customers are going for the 35E’s lately just for the extra range. I haven’t heard any complaints but i also haven’t really followed up with anyone.

30Q if you ride like a maniac and want to get rid of voltage sag/ live in a hilly area

35E if you ride like a civilized person and want more range


Who here is actually civilized though? I thought we were all a bunch of degens who love to go fast.


Thanks for the replies, it sounds good either way then. I was just concerned about the reports of burned out motors and bms. I will probably go for 30q to get rid of the voltage sag. Especially after running the stock evolve battery. Thanks again, I’ll report back once I’ve got it all working.

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30Q will be fine. I had a 10s5p Vtc6’s running on the stock BMS and Esc it did fine until I stole the pack and trucks to put in my DIY. Now the Bms and Esc deck and enclosure are collecting dust.

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Can I snag your BMS? I was sold a busted one and have an entire board sitting their because of the stupid proprietary BMS.

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That’s good to know, my pack won’t be capable of putting out any where near that. Thanks