New Evolve GT 97mm wheel

These share a striking resemblance to the black MBS AT wheels people have been shaving the knobbly bits off!


Cannot see easily but surely they are still sticking with Flywheel spokes?

Hate teasers that is super short, but then it would not be much of a teaser, would it?

I reckon so - just increased the brightness of a screen grab and you can make them out…


They could be brothers :wink:

That is good. Less hassle with spokes and more options for us, win/win!

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would be the same as their 83mm. Which didn’t hold up too well on my local roads. Big chunks out. I heard they improved the formula so we’ll see. Great grip on flat tarmac, wider contact patch than the abec 11’s Abec 97’s are $200 here. Welcome another option !

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YES! I love the GT 83mm wheels contact patch but wanted it in a bigger size. Will pick these up for sure.

So are you guys saying the contact path is wider than the usual 52mm?

i mean when compared to authentic abec 11’s (44mm)

So you think they are wider than authentic 97mm Abec11’s? That would be just what I’ve been wanting for!

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So I can now answer my own question: they are slightly wider!

I hope they’ve done something to stop this happening!!!

Broke after 2 weeks riding… Have also hear numerous other stories about chipping and breaking from people with brand new boards, so hopefully they have used better materials this time!


when i rode the bamboo GT a few weeks ago (local esk8 meetup group - guys board) - it had these chips out of it too! I told him to ask Evolve to replace - will they replace under warranty? Seems like a defective batch or duro or something…

That would drive me crazy! i’d upgrade to the flywheels if not.

I emailed them when this happened (5 weeks ago) and have had no reply! this is a recurring thing as i also had to message them about a broken motor to which it took weeks to get them to send a replacement, then the other motor was broken and they didn’t reply to my email at all! ( had aliexpress spares to put on)

I still haven’t heard anything back from them! I also had to email them again 2 days ago about my battery only giving me 16/35km in a charge in perfect conditions and haven’t heard back!

Honestly their customer support is absolutely shocking!!! I am trying to get them to take the board back and refund my money as Ive had so many problems in the two months of ownership!

In short, I doubt you would be able to get a replacement under warranty as its near impossible to talk to them! and I’m sure they would say its part of wear and tear or something!


super lame. surprised so many issues since the bamboo GT i rode seemed nice quality (except his chunked wheels). Surprisingly powerful and solid feel.

Do you have a lemon law option - if multiple failures in so short a time? I’d also chat w/ your credit card co to see if any options to dispute if they won’t make it right.

If you end up stuck with it - i’d move to Flywheels at the least. Do we have any @Evolve folks here to help you out?

I’ll look into that ‘lemon law’ might be a good step to take!, I know theres a few ways to go with Consumer Guarantees Act, and Sale of Goods Act (Im in New Zealand)

Yeah I do love the board and would be an extremely happy customer if it wasn’t for it breaking down all the time, I did get some ABEC 97mm 75a, so they are one the board at the moment.

I made a thread on here yesterday, about the cells on the board not being perfectly balanced if you want to check that out if you’ve got some expertise on that?

Bamboo GT unbalanced cells?

My enertion 83mm are chipped pretty badly as well, only after about 2 months I replaced them with 97mm flywheel clones, I think it’s safe to say that if the wheel is bigger and softer it’s not going to chip as much, after 7 months the only damage on my 97s is the drive wheel is wearing out a little from skidding, I really hope evolves 97s are good quality because I like that colour, getting sick of looking at green wheels stained grey from the roads.

honestly, unless they’ve actually changed the quality of the materials I wouldn’t hold your breathe, so many stock wheels (including mine) have experienced huge chunks coming off within the first few weeks

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true, I might even wait for mbs AT 100mm instead, or paint my 97mm, for clones they seem very decent

Yea my Evolve 83’s chunked on the first day. Their formula is absolute rubbish, but did they really improve the formula (not like I’d use it)? Doesn’t really matter since I love my 83mm 75a flywheels.

Also it’s crazy seeing the dichotomy of Evolve’s service. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them and they even replaced my chunked wheel as a courtesy. Their email responses were always no later than two business days. Anyways, unless the wheel is using Abec’s classic formula, I’d be a little reserved until I see them reviews.

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