NEW! Flame Board Build AT and Street version. The fastest changing system!

I became a Flame Board and want build to a electric AT Board with Gearbox. I have build the Gearbox about over 2 years ago. In first time i using the Gearbox on MOBO :confounded: Afte a time i have testing a Trampa Board and i think that the Gearbox was better with a Trampa. But i read in some topic that the trucks can break. Then i read from Flame Boards! There was a little MTB producer in Germany, and the Decks and trucks was handmade in Germany. the advantage is by the Flame trucks, that wen the axis from the Wheels was breaking or crooked, you must not by a new truck, you just have to change the bolt one witch was the Wheel mounted. The system convinced me very much And then I started to build.


I have considered how I get the Gearbox on the truck. Building an adapter for the truck was too big It does not work because of the Motor. So i think i build the adapter for the bolt, but then i must make the bolt bigger so i must make the truck smaller.

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I want build one extension, but after a time i see that was not stable enough.


The bolt was out 7075 Aluminium, and i think it was better i make the new adapter out one peaces. So i buy a rod Aluminium 7075 30mm and milling a new and longer bolt adapter.

By the original bolts was the wheel axle out the same Aluminium. So i think it was better when the axle was out stainless steel. So i milling one stainless steel axle for the Aluminium bolt.

Longer but stronger.

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Where I finished with the new adapter the idea came to me What if I do the same but with 8mm axis for street wheels But for that I need for the front axle also a bolt with 8mm axle. I have the 12mm axis cut off and make a new axle of stainless steel in 8mm And inserted into the bolts So i have an adapter for street wheels on the same system. I can change the bolt with two screws wit the wheels what was mounted on the bolts.


After the 8mm Bolt for the front truck i build 2 longer bolt for the Motorholder, gearbox and for street.

For the first test i must make a truck shorter, so that was the same with the front trucks, this test i make in first with a raw truck.


Then came the Holder for street wheels.



Beautiful build! How are you attaching your batteries and speed controllers?

I have buy this Box out wood and i want painted with clear coat

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Sorry but i donΒ΄t can upload the picture from the box.

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I build the batteries in the box, and the two esk8 controller came behind over the truck

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Nice work - but 280€ for unmodified trucks is expensive :frowning:

The Trucks works not with steel spring and dampas there was rubber bucks mounted. You became 3 sizes to the trucks, so you can change witch hardness you want. The Quality from the trucks was very high and robust. When you look, trampa trucks cost per pieces 75 GB pound that was 100.-€ x2 = 200.-€ then you must pay 3% Paypal and 20.-€ shipping so you are by trampa by 226.-€ and in last time you hear often that the trucks from trampa breaks. So you buy the truck from Flame you can make from one truck two systems. We working on this, thats the modified trucks cost the same price. The material cost for the new bolts was not more higher than the original bolts, And the working cost was a little bit higher, because the milling machine must working longer time but thats not much higher. And when you brake the axis from the bolts you can buy a new bolt for ca. 25.-€ and not a new truck

Sorry i forget, when you want the springs by trampa in color than thats cost 5 pound extra. and the dampas cost extra too when you buy 3 hardness you must pay. The original Springs in steel was after one season rusty.


Beautiful system this :slight_smile: