New flash sale for the Bergmeister pneumatic wheel (with different rim colors)

Hello everybody, just to let you know that the new Bergmeister wheels in different colors are in stock, fully assembled and ready for immediate shipment. Flash sale to last until Wednesday 23:59 Taipei time.

Important notes:

  • Purchases only via

  • The “orange-bronze” colored Bergmeister wheels will be available by end of February

  • For those who have made a pre-order with Jeff for the AVIO gear drive. Jeff has provided (or will provide for future purchases) a discount code that can be used on the website. The discount only applies for the purchase of the Kahua Trucks. Of course, purchases can be combined with the Bergmeister wheels or any other components.

  • If you have other desired colors on your wishlist, let me know and I will try my best to have them included in the next production batch

  • For any question: as always you can reach me either on the forum or via email: [email protected]

To all of you a good rest of the weekend, best regards Timo

Edit: free international shipping for the Bergmeisters of course. You will see the shipping deduction at the checkout.



Not the sale I was expecting but I’ll go for it anyway :slight_smile: Thank you, Timo


Any chance that we might be able to just buy the aluminum hubs in the future? I might want to change it up sometime and mix and match my hubs

Just want to leave this here for anyone on the fence. I’m in the process today of assembling my board with bergs on it, bearing fitment is excellent, anodizing finish is professional and all over feel is great.

Aside from all of that Timo is just a damn good guy, his customer service, attention to detail and overall amount of fucks he gives for esk8 and his customers can’t be stressed enough.



What did you do for pulleys?

I notice you fit these on sr tkp right? With 10mm axel?

A simple pulley solution which I can buy is holding me back. I think :thinking:.

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Pulleys from Timo I think.

Those are Haggy pulleys. @Skunk wrote a great guide somewhere that I probably should have read before starting :rofl:

Essentially, buy a shitload of 10mm ID x 12/13mm ID washers, like:

Some of these bearings for the pulley: 16100-2Z SKF Deep Grooved Ball Bearing 10x28x8,

Some M8 90mm shoulder bolts:

Some Ebay 10mm ID x 13mm OD x 10mm width aluminium spacers

Slap it all together and you’re done.


Damnit thanks.

Sounds like too much effort. I’m lazy that way. When there’s a one place shop to fit them on sr tkp or sr rkp I’ll consider them again.

If I buy them now which would be the silver ones I’d only have a set of wheels and nowhere to put them. And I don’t want the kaluha trucks unfortunately.

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@Flashgod224: Hi Charles. Yes I can do that and will update the website accordingly.

@sayekim Hi Michael, I have the 16100-A-2Z pulleys here and can just replace the 6001 pulleys with them. :slight_smile:

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Okay cool. I did it.

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@sayekim: Hi Michael, just received your order with thanks. Will be replacing the pulley accordingly :slight_smile: thank a lot!

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I think I was tired yesterday. This is like no effort at all. Thanks man I went ahead and ordered them. Now hopefully I get my six shooters soon and I can start to compare them over the next few months.

Hell yeahs!


six shooters are very well made and I tried them once a few weeks ago.


I have both and they are both really well made. Haggy takes the design award however. I got some spare berg tires for the six shooters as well.


Just did the math for just the AT kit with this deal…

$420! Man I want these bad but I spent too much recently. First person to get these wheels working with SR RKP trucks gets my money. If it exists already, please let me know.

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Its the exact process as above haha. 90mm axles and all the stuff listed above on Dave’s mounts or similar

If only Dave’s page to his mounts actually worked… Not sure if site is broken or he doesn’t have any left

Would 80mm shoulders work?

1st person is @skunk