NEW Flipsky Direct Drive motor 58Kv VS eLofty

So i saw those new direct drive motor on the website of Flipsky , they are 58Kv ,double kingpin and look identical to eLofty drive ! what do you think about those guys ? I want a cheap DD but not sure for which one i should go …

Link of flipsky DD:

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Damn flipsky just pumping out new products in the last 6 months they have literally double maybe tripled their products. I just got suckered in to buy 2 vx2 remotes after I jusy got the vx1 last month(which I love).


Hate to be off topic but which remote did you prefer VX2 vs VX1?

Haven’t get the vx2 yet It doesn’t ship till the 15th.

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Ah damn, my bad.

I would say go with the elofty as they have been tested a lot and they went through talkt of testing phases till they have been reached to a reliable level and as Kenna replies really quick so I guess go with the elofty but at the end both of them are EXACTLY the same product😂

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You can buy both 58kv and 72kv from Kenna…

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Is the break are strong enough on 72kv??

I’d love to try these out as well, but far more likely to try out the hub versions we’ve been looking out for since way back when just to ascertain if the new tread pattern resolves old issues, and the build quality is decent. The Skullboard version was a disaster: motors had terrible performance, heated up unnecessarily, the tires and wheels and motors were often out of balance really bad, and many also had issues with the tread patterns causing vibrations.

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