New flipsky FSESC 6.6 dual PLUS

About to order another Flipsky Vesc and seeing if anyone has tried the new flipsky FSESC 6.6 duel PLUS yet. It’s $280 and the old 6.6 dropped to $250. The only difference I see is it’s smaller and has a can bus so you can run 4x4 with 2 vescs. I have used the old fsesc duel 6.6 and it was great. Let me know your guys thoughts on it!

its supposedly pretty good. the first version had issues with the antispark, but they claim they fixed it and its all good now. thermal dissipation is supposed to be better as well, not that heat was an issue with teh first though.

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Sweet I’m going to give it a shot and see how it goes hope it works out.

I orderd also one two weeks ago. Mine should be arriving on monday. Will see how it works on my first build.

Mine arrived this week and I should have the board up and running in the next couple weeks. I’ll report back my findings.


Nice! Hope they work good. I like the fact that they are much smaller then the old version and also can go awd in the future if I choose to.

What bms is that in the pic? Are you going to run 12s?

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Dont bother with awd unless its small hub motors. Just get 2 monster sized motors and call it good. 4wd is way overkill

Awd would be for mountain boarding but if 2 motors are enough for that then thats cool. I like to ride hard.

trust me, 2 motors (6374) at 95a each is more than enough. if you want more, go with 6880’s, or 80xx motors like @Kug3lis and @Andy87 . both of them will tell you that they are ridiculously overpowered

Ok I’ll stick with 2wd then.

12S and here is the BMS. Haven’t used it yet but am hopeful it will do a decent job.

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It has bluetooth monitoring, super cool! It only does 60amps though. I want to see if they have a larger one because it would be nice to minitor the cells.

I have one of these as well that I can move to if the 60A one isn’t reliable. I’ll get a comparison photo of the two when I get home.

people do AWD for redundancy.

the new version is actually smaller then the original version if you look at the dimensions.

My dream bms would be a version with 150 amps, 12s, monitoring of all cells with a balancing current of 500 mA, no drain at all, if it’s powered off. Then bypassing the bms is not needed. Do you know, if a solution for this is already out there?

Buy the cost is ridiculous. The board weights alot more, efficiency is substantially worse yet you are not utilizing more torque, and its overkill

Find me one person who built a 4wd street board that wants it only for redundancy… alot of people build overdone boards for no reason, that doesnt mean it helps in any major way

@evoheyax? i think

No offence, but im not going to dig through their post history if you are not even sure it was them