New Flipsky Remote?

This looks like a nice way to add a polished look and feel to DIY builds (at least over my mini-RC remote):


The newest DIYEBOARD remotes finally with a receiver , if you want to know how they feel and throw jsut ask anyone with a prebuiltwith the usual accommodating each of the non receiver version


I’ve used this controller on one of the diyeboard escs before. In terms of input and feel it is on par with the nano style controllers. Battery life was good and experienced no interference or cutouts. Although that doesn’t really so much; It’s impossible to say how it will work with a vesc untill someone plugs it in and gives it a go.


Really excited to see this. Hope someone is able to review it soon!

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wait. you HAD inteference and cutouts or you didnt?

cool been waiting for this :slight_smile: funny I find this revision the only one I actually do hit reveres by accident

Friskies edited it to include (no) cutouts or interference FYI!

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Following… Curious to see how these work… It has cruise control and battery indicator… is that coming from UART??

Nice! I’ll probably buy one after some reviews. Battery indicator is great.

I just put in an order for this. Will update when it comes


How does Cruise control works on this?

They have absolutely no instructions on the website. Not even on how to connect it to the VESC.

No cutouts or interference. Was a typo!

It was on a meepo ESC though.

That’s what they wrote me:

The remote will work when it’s paired with the receiver .

How to set Cruise mode:Push the accelerator gear to a speed that you like , then shortly press the power button,remote will vibrate one time,

then your eksateboard is in cruise mode;Press any button to exit cruise mode.

BTW the instruction of VX1 remote will send with the products in package.

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That must mean there is a vibration motor in this one. I wonder how effective that is when your getting shaken around riding. Now I’m interested in this. Could be dumb, could be useful

Anybody know what kinda range these have?

Im currently using the RC mini trigger remote which has a huge range which i love, and don’t wanna buy something that has a crap range like older DIYEBOARD remotes had.

Why would you even need range on an esk8 remote :thinking:

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So you can summon it from afar… knight rider style image


Did the new remote just dissapear from

Yeah. They just sent me an email saying that it’s not available anymore - for further testing.