New FOCBOX For Sale! US Free Shipping! Price Reduction!

Hello @yummyblobs , I was looking to purchase (2) vesc-x… I just created an account on eSk8. How would I go about purchasing them from you… Also I live near DTLA, are you only shipping or can we arrange a meetup?

Sent you a PayPal for 2 :ok_hand:

Sweet ill have it sent out by tomorrow.

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Hello @yummyblobs, do you have any more of these available?

In about to get more in about another week or so. I’ll update you when I get the new shipment.

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What’s the difference between the Vesc-X and the new FOCBOX Motor Controllers Enertion has on their site?

Nothing is different. Nobody but trampa can use the VESC name because its trademarked now. Everyone that sells vescs just need to rename them to something other than “VESC”. So now the vesc-x is named FOCBOX.

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Got it. Thanks man!

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What’s the price shipped to Canada?

@VerticalMedia, pm me and I’ll get back to you.

Do you still have room for a purchase of 2?

I see best go at diyelectric for $90! Why I still yours so expensive? Is the x version good?

Yes I do. I’m still waiting on Enertion to ship out my next batch. I will update the thread once I get the next shipment.

@I_sk8, the Vesc-x/FOCBOX is upgraded from diys vesc in many ways. Direct Fets, heatsink, upgraded BOM,Smaller form factor, and a hard plastic case to boot. Search around the forum for the vesc-x and youll see why its worth it.

@yummyblobs are you still selling 2 for $220? If you are is shipping included in that?

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are you still selling? How much for one vesc included shipping to belgium?

Yeah I am, just waiting to get my shipment.

I might be in for one I saw that the guy who does the repairs on the vesc is selling some that are refurbed for $135 So this is a great deal for brand new ones. But if anyone misses out You can probably get them from him. Ive been looking at doing a Eboard but I dont know if I am capable of doing these electronics

Do you still sell them?

I want one VESC for pay PayPal to 130 us

Yes i do but unfortunately I’m part of the batch that got delayed so I have at least 2 weeks until ill probably receive my batch.