New FOCBOX For Sale! US Free Shipping! Price Reduction!

Sweet. How many did you get?

I bought all they way to 51 because that’s the only way to make this business decision viable for me. so if anyone is interested in the states for a vesc-x let me know!

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shipped or plus shipping?

those prices are shipped

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not bad. Im in the market for 1 vesc-x and 120 is a good price for it.

I would try to get on a platform for the time being to help you sell your stock. Maybe the

I heard its closing down soon but maybe not.


I’ll take one! let me know how to proceed

Good price, I’m in for 2

I’ll probably grab one. Been waiting since January for my vescs and hub motors and still haven’t gotten them so pending my refund

How are warranty issues handled or is there even a warranty?

Wouldn’t they still go through enertion?

That would be my hope but sometimes Enertion has interesting interpretations. Wasn’t sure if @yummyblobs would be considered the original buyer and the warranty would not transfer.

Good point

Yeah I kinda jumped on this whole reseller thing without too much research, let’s ask @onloop. What responsability do I have as far as the initial warranty?

Hey Guys,

So i got into contact with Jason and he basically broke down the rough interpretation as a re-seller for him. I will be the point of contact for any issues that may arise. There for it is up to me and me alone to handle any warranty claims. As far as that is concerned, I will provide the equivalent warranty as the original vescx. I will also test each individual vescx when they arrive into my hands to ensure QC, though i hear the vescx already has a good QC procedure. I haven’t seen any update on my order yet but seeing as the us warehouse is showing stocked, I hope that i will receive my order sometime next week.

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So what is the price? $89.xx per vesc?

$120 for 1 or $220 for 2 shipped in USA

I will take TWO!

Send PM to @yummyblobs

but if @yummyblobs did a bulk purchase or 51, the cost is lower, selling them for $120 is quite a mark up

I’m not sure that’s “cool” if you know what I mean. Just wish it was a bit lower

It’s actually really cool if you think about it. Everyone that purchases from him gets $33.80 of the original price. That’s a really good deal.

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