New FOCBOX For Sale! US Free Shipping! Price Reduction!

It’s a service and he should make a profit, but wish it wasn’t THAT much. Whatever I’m still getting two =)

Depends on how you look at it. He had to Put up the $4567 and he has to handle the orders and shipping and any warranty issues. This is a business venture for him so there has to be a profit to pay for his time and effort. The price he is charging is still cheaper than you can get it from Enertion on sale. In my opinion the price is reasonable and if you buy 2 you get additional discount


I know…I guess what I said comes off like I’m against making money. I’m not, but as a consumer you always wish you can get the lower price right

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We are getting a lower price, just not the lowest price. For that we would have to buy 51 of them.

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Is it possible to deliver to Winnipeg (at my cost)? I take two if positive!

I’ve got one for sale. It’s faulty though, failed as a slave vesc now won’t power on. Am waiting for 2 vesc 6s.

I’ll prob grab two. @yummyblobs Are you going to update when they arrive?

Price? Chars

down for 2 as well!


Was in reference to a now working vesc someone else had in this thread

Haha. Gotcha. For some reason I didn’t see who you were replying to.


Yup I made the purchase, just waiting on enertion to fulfill the order, i still havent seen any action on the website though, i hope I get it by this week.

Just a lil warning to everyone, I’m going on vacation from this friday will next sunday, so orders may take longer to fulfill. super sorry about that, i didnt really plan too well but once i do receive that actual vesc’s i will update and start sending out orders as fast as possible!

Im in for 2 vesc x. Definitely in for 2 lol

Any update on them I’m interested in 1

@yummyblobs Will you ship one to sweden?

@rwxr maybe we should do a GB in europe

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Import-taxes for bigger quantities are too high. It’s easier to sneak a singe unit through customs with a low declared value :slight_smile:

@rwxr I haven’t sent your shit yet…sooooooooo lol :joy: this could work out for you lol

Hey guys, so i just got a notification that they are sending the 51 vescs! Looks like I will be shipping around next week. The 120 and 220 prices are introductory only, after the first 30 or so I will have to raise the prices just a bit because shipping cost are a little bit higher than expected. after the first 30 units are shipped I will be raising the prices to $140 for one vesc shipped and $250 for 2 Shipped. So far i have 16 seem to be spoken for at the intro Pricing. Just PM and I will go by order of PMs and will cut off at approximately the first 30 units are sold.

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