New Freebord S2 bindings & Biltin Abec 7 Bearings

I have two pair’s of Freebord S2 bindings for sale, one new pair and the other is barley used! Can ship worldwide! But im located in Europe (Sweden) I even have the original boxes for them too!

We were riding pretty harcore for a few years on those Freebords, I have 3-4 boards laying in the basement. But they are used. Last time i checked i also had a brand new tube/set of Chris Chaput’s Biltin Abec 7 Bearings! Im happy to sell both the S2 bindings and the Biltin bearings if anyone is interested!?

Its also a big bananabox filed with used stuff for the low budget building guy. Its all kinds of weels there and MANY used bearings in different brands and styles as Im from the land of bearings (SKF) :v: We were laborating alot with different stuff, but nothing beat the Biltin Abec 7!

If your interested just send me an email with an offer to [email protected] as i probably wont log in here so often. Enjoy riding and stay safe!!

Best regards Chris

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