New guy around! looking for parts :)

Hey guys!

after a long resarch ive come to the conclosuin that insted of buying an e-board ill make my own! my budget is 700$ inc shipping to israel.

im looking for a good range (about 20km) a fine up hill climb and an easy first time build…

please if you guys can help me with chosing the battery, motor etc it will be grate!!

what i need:

x1 Singel motor x2 Batterys x1 DIY kit (wheels, hubs, belt etc…)

i got my longboard :slight_smile:

thanks for the help in advanced and soory for the bad grammer.

cheers, Rom.

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Hi Rom, I’m from Israel too. I don’t know if it will help you but I have a build list with prices including shipping to Israel. also, we have a hebrew facebook group if you want to join. I recommend buying some parts from Enertion because they have free shipping above 250$ (and in Israel you have 17% tax above 75$).

Check with @Pablo_702 for kit

Thank you @Michaelinvegas but its sold

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