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New Here, About to Start my First E-Board

Hey guys, my friend that has previously built an E-Board pointed me here when I told him I was interested. I have experience wood working and some experience with Arduino’s. I plan to build my own deck out of baltic pine in the next few weeks. After that, I’m not sure where to go. Is there any possibility of harvesting a usable motor for an e-board from old power tools?

Eh we get one of these posts every couple weeks about people asking about power tools. I’m sure if you look up “drill” in the search tool you’ll find info about why it’s a bad idea.

They’re just not made for this, you’re better off buying electronics better suited for eboards

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Yep…like @barajabali says…

You can pick up a good motor cheap… 50mm or 63mm motors are the most common and most pre fab mounts have the holes for these sizes…

Look around the threads…this should be up your ally … @cmatson and his milling porn :point_right:t2: Custom Wood CNC'd enclosures!

Of course hit Enertion @onloop , DIY Skateboard @torqueboards , @psychotiller and I’m sure there is more

Check Hobby King…and like them…for motors … Batteries …EBay too …

Lucky for you this site is small enough to find out abt 99% of your questions and not having to read non related to eboard info…

…yeah drop the drill idea…a board with that motor would basically suck…plain and simple … Unless you want the challenge of making it…which is a different story all together

Any ways … Good luck

Thanks for the help guys! I’ll update here when I begin work on my deck. I’ve done some research into longboard deck design and I think I will go for a concave deck, this seems to be the simplest design.