New here. Hope to get info to make a super high tech board. Big budget build

Hey guys. Here’s my story. So, I Skated park my whole early life. Stopped in my twenties. I’m in my mid thirties and am a total adrenaline junky. I have every toy imaginable. My friend’s girlfriend bought an onboard m1 and never used it so she gave it to me. Now, I use it to go EVERYWHERE haha. I live in the center of boston so I’m always on the thing. I’ve definately outgrown it. It’s not fast enough at all. We all know how bad the batteries are in those suckers. I own a theater production company so I have a couple big machine shops and a bad ass huge cnc machine. Gonna cut my own deck on that thing and sorta make a board with the integrated flushed LED lights like the m1. Here’s the deal. I want my board to go at least 30-35mph. Preferably up to 40mph. I want to have two or so top speed governors so in traffic I can pin the throttle and it’ll only go like 18mph. Good idea right? I’m gonna buy that nice Torque Boards direct drive kit for my first board. It can go up to 45mph. Not sure if I’d wanna go that fast just yet though hahaha. My board has become my legs around the city. Haven’t driven any of my cars for months hahaha. I look forward to reading about all this and learning about it. I need to figure out how to flush LED’s into the board for lighting. Then I’ll put my shredlightlights on the trucks too. Ps. If anyone needs me to cnc them a deck or 3d print some little battery boxes or anything, let me know. We can work something out. Teach me how to build a sick board and I’ll make some free parts haha. Cheers. Ps. Sorry for the super long hello. I’m a huge chatterbox. :metal:t3:


Hell yeah dude! Great introduction.

First and foremost you’re going to want to join the more active forum. I’ll pm you the link because the mods here keep deleting it. This forum has lots of old builds but not many of the old builders. That’s a fun story for when you join us…

On the dark side

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2 6374 motors (4kw each) Paired with a 12s5p Q30 pack should give you plenty power.

Also investing into a full face helmet would be mandatory (motor bike ones don’t cut it)

Personally I find that IF you simply use what’s already been used you save money because the stuff is readily available and you prevent money loss on junk items.

I think that a hummie deck+enclosure, 107 flywheels platform would not betray you.

Hey bud, I am located in boston as well and had been building boards for a couple of years :slight_smile: I also happened to start out my DIY journey with a torqueboard kit back in the day of unstable fw frying DRVs left and right. Happy to offer pointers if you need them. Cheers

Some info on the more recent builds:

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Yeah I joined the esk8 news forum. The people are way more active on there haha


Also, thanks man. Boston actually has so many people riding nowadays. It’s great. I’ve noticed how cyclists seem to not realize how much faster we are than them hahaha. I was doing the esplanade and realized the street is far better. What part of boston are you in?

southie. I commute to financial everyday :slight_smile: