New here, saying hello!

Howdy from Austin, TX!

I gotta say, the last two weeks absorbing all this info about e boards is officially in my top 5 internet binges. Some really amazing stuff here!

Life time skater, but my family has been growing over the last 6 years so I just recently got back on the board. Then I found you guys and I’m hooked. Starting my first build soon. Gonna be converting my old Earthwing Boomerang into an e board.

I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello! Can’t wait to dive in…


pretty much same as me :wink: welcome dude!

Hello :wave: welcome to the forum! You can never do enough reading, and I look forward to seeing your first build thread! Be warned, this hobby is very addicting.

Welcome. Tons of reading and videos to watch. Once you decide on components feel free to post everything before you purchase to make sure everything checks out. The vendors themselves are very helpful as well (torqueboards, carvon, ollin, enertion, etc).

Welcome and hello @iamseth . I got back onto a board about 14 years later, last time was in college.

aw sweet, another Texan!! Dallas here, along with @XvDarkVAngelvX and @Jedi


Welcome @iamseth ! Have fun reading and keep us posted on your build!

Hello, @iamseth nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy the family. We all welcome you to the forum.

Awesome! Thanks for the warm welcomes!!

welcome @iamseth !

i started a month ago and thanks to this community i built my own eboard :slight_smile:

check my threads in my profile may can help you

Hello @iamseth nice to have you here. Greetings from NYC. Just so you be aware, you have taken the RED pill and this rabbit hole goes deeper than you can anticipate :wink: Enjoy the ride and let us see what you have in mind.

Hello there,

I am form Germany and very interested to build my own e board. I already browsed a lot in this board. And I really liked it … :smiley: Great builds here.

As soon I find the “create new post button” I will describe my plans.

EDIT The board is working with a level system … I guess I missed a hint