New HGLtech (Flipsky?) remote $35

also available from BANGGOOD:rofl:.

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Yeah, I mean, if you’re into the joystick thing, why not?

Their Marketing\English Skills Need work…


Maybe they mean like a E-Foil/some kind of electric boogie board.

ah right as I post that I finally see the top pic. I thought I was smart.

I would expect a efoil remote to be at least water proof. Cruise Control on a cheap remote is nice.

Banggood have these as well same price but with cheaper postage $1.35 to Australia

Hglrc = flipsky

Looks ugly imo

reminds me of the days we used to use nunchuck controllers to control our boards. Trip over the freaking cord.

Flipsky? No thanks

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I’m just dealing with their support now… Its responsive, but god damn is it slow. Had a bad part from maytech? They’ll at least sort you out in a timely manner. Have a flipsky esc blow? Wait 3 weeks for it to get to china, then 3 for it to come back…

At least the VX1 Is okay, but I would never buy from china and wait on their support if anything does go wrong.

But atleast you get an reply from their support pray your unity doesnt need replacing.Yeah when it comes to failsky and hg its best to wait for there second release of a product. Was not impressed my vx2 only worked in miles per hour and I have a few 6.6 (early model) esc with blown antispark. I just wish there was an inexpensive alternative for 6.6 vesc (that doesnt have a problem with supply chain)

Hglrc is not Flipsky. It’s one of flipsky’s brother company mainly for watersports and airplane model. Sometimes, customers of theirs need our escs, motors, remotes etc. So, they help sold some of our parts

it is upgraded,thanks for your point out.

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you can even have 10% off with the discount code:OFF10 now

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