New Hobbyking motor - 6374 sensored

I guess it dosn’t matter wich order the three sensor wires comes in. So the only thing i need to know is wich wire is for the temperature. And yes, black and red needs to swap place with each other.


Brown or Blue. One is Temp the other is a sensor, so just swap Brown and Blue after you’ve done black and red and you will be fine :slight_smile:

Here there was a big discussion about how to wire a maytech motor.

I always thought it’s just important to change + and ground, which would be the outer wires. The order of the temp plus the hall sensors could stay the same :thinking: but if I now think more about it…probably the temp also need to switch…

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I had to when wiring my Flipsky 6374’s on my ESCapes. Tried motor detection before and after it only worked once the temp pin was also switched. The Maytech’s might be different but I doubt it.

Your thread gave me the info I needed to get that done so if you haven’t yet read through the thread he posted above @Silverline give it a go. It’s not too long :slight_smile:

It makes sense. I mean the temp sensor should be something like a pt100 and the sensors, nu hall sensor. I don’t know the electronic background about it but they should work different, so they also need to be changed in the port.

For future reference

Red : +5v Blue : Temp. Green : Hall White : Hall Brown : Hall Black : Gnd


So what do you guys think? wait for the sk8 6374 till october? or jus buy the TB 6374? From what I read it seems just as reliable as the sk3s were and it’s $30 cheaper with added benefits with ofc added size and a sealed enclosure so nothing gets in

I’ve just bought it from the international warehouse. Shipping is free (DHL express) and the motors came today, just 3 working days, after i ordered (I’m from EU)

How do I find the international warehouse? The Global tab says it’s on backorder

Sorry i meant global (they send from China) I bought the 149kv version, wich is in stock.


yeah it’s on back order lol I need the 192kV my 10s wouldn’t work with 149kV

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Anybody knows where to buy this collar or spacer, that comes with the sk8 motor ?? Its inside diameter is obviously 8mm and outside 9mm ???

Any ever tried to paint or change the color in another way on these motors?

well, they’re back in stock yall

I have a sk8 6354 motor from hobbyking and they run fine, but there is one problem. I drive diagonal and the can on one of the motor rattles. I can pull the can of the motor back just a bit, but that´s making a irritating noise, when I´m riding. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix that??

I’d try tightening the three screws on the motor around the shaft. Fixes issues for most ppl

Did you remember to use the collar that comes with the motor ?

anyone running dual sk8 6474s on dickyho mounts with tb218s 15mm belts?

Yeah, but it still rattles