New hobbyking skateboard kit , worth it?

Hi, I found this kit for skateboard from hobby king what do you think? worth it?

Nope, not worth it. They don’t support Vedder and make low quality products, don’t buy that from them

I ordered the motor+mount and it feels very solid and good built, runs very smooth and powerful. The wheels look just like flywheel clones and if the pulley kit will be okey and you’re sure it will perfectly fit on the wheels. The Vesc will be like the maytech I guess but it’s still better than a car ESC?

I think it’s a very good deal only find some batteries and make or buy a case so like 150€ and you have a very good (400€) Esk8 in my opinion.

The only thing I would replace after a while are the trucks (to caliber trucks)

Check some more topics. There are people who got the mounts and other parts. I think.their.vesc is not yet tested since it was removed from shop for a while

A new video’s hit Facebook. This guy nearly gets some face rash! lol

That said. The VESC seems plenty capable on 10s…