New honda car comes with electric longboard?

did anybody else see this? looks interesting


That board looks incredible. Honda would make a pretty nice electric longboard I would think :slight_smile: haha

Nice! I want that board. :grinning:

wow it’s like a shrine to the electric longboard. they don’t show the board much unfortunately
audi has another concept vehicle with a board…wonder who else. nice small wheels.

Well these companies have allot of resources to make something good, will be interesting to see if they invest in it or use it as a cheap “marketing gimmick”

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I mainly like that it gives some extra legitimacy to the transport option, hopefully these car companies will push for last mile transport regulations.


So what happens to the battery in the board if you park the car in the sun on a hot day?

What will the car temperature be? 60°C? I think the battery can handle that

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I have not looked for this at CES yet, @Michaelinvegas and @korryh maybe you see it.

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If any of you 3 @caustin @korryh or @Michaelinvegas see anything eboard related please post pictures on the forum! I think lots of us would love to see it!

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Sure, will keep looking but nothing interesting yet. Just the predictable stuff so far. Modest amount of esk8 but have to look hard for it lol

Haha finally something unique. 15" $180 esk8.

Haha drift board 2 skates but one has hub motor built in lol

This is why the esk8 will blow up the coming years

@Pathaim Retro futurism is finally here! tho not hoverboards and fission-powered flying vehicles with big-ass panorama glass domes