New HUB MOTORS - by winboard. Anyone tried them?

So while Jerry from Carvon is busy with his Carvon campaign I was looking for some Hub Motors alternative. I’ve found these:

They seem like an updated version of what’s been already on the market. They are selling them here for 199$.Pretty good deal, but probably we can find them on Alibaba too.

Has anyone tried these ??




By the way it seems like they took ENERTION idea of VESC-X and made their own FOC controller. I wonder what’s inside. It wouldnt be surprising if it was some kind of clone of VESC 4.12.

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@michichopf has tested them… hehe…

Are they sensored ? It seems like they are from the image.

See this thread:

Thanks ! Seems like these hubs are exactly the same as on LOU.

aha :slight_smile: well yeah I did I guess. :slight_smile:

@michichopf So are they decent hubs ? are they sensored ?

sensored yes, . Hard to judge apart from that. I ran it on the Lou and with a very weak and small battery.

there are 2 versions on the market now, 70mm and 80mm (the ones from Lou) They also updating FOC, because braking deceleration was not sufficient. I’ve ordered the 70mm hubs and FOC, will report back

Awesome !! Let’ us know how they work…by the way what trucks are you going to use for them ?

How much did those cost? Found the hubs on their site but how much are is the FOC?

They are here for 199$ for a set …which is an absolutely great price…but I am not sure if that store is legit.

Hello these two are our official website: and They are legit. Or you can buy on Alibaba from Winboard. Thanks

Hopefully this is not seen as hijacking your thread, but have a look at my build thread.

It’s a 4wd build with the hubs purchased from, have a look through the thread for the video of them in action.

Winboard Sally, Do you mind showing pictures of the inside of the motors so everyone can see the structure and QUALITY of parts used to make these motors? :slight_smile:

I have tried these Hub Motors and I can say that they are sensored, water proof, 800w or 1500w per motor. Both will take a 12 stone man like me to a decent 20mph. The 1500w has more torque from rest and will take you up 20-25 degree hills.

        Did I mention that they are so silent 

plus they dont seem to get hot at all. The size of Hub Motors is 83 Diameter so they are a decent size too. I like them and enjoy cruising around with on them.

       But I must say that I have upgraded them to the new 83 Diameter WinBoard Hubs

you can see them here

and they are very very powerfull, sensored and chew up steep hills no sweat. If you want to cruise you can now go to 25mph. They have replaceable tyres too and also water proof as well.

I will be quiet now as I know some one will have these too and can prove all this as well.