New HUB MOTORS in town!

Ok boys and girls we have new HUB’s in town. Here is new BACKFIRE board with dual hubs, which means these hubs will show up on Alibaba any time soon.

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Can you post a link to exactly these HUBS ?

Hey …come on dude …that was a cheap crap.

Looks like Thailand. Where was that video made?

wow that sure backfired, lol…

sorry, had to


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Give me two seconds I was just talking to them yesterday

Found these hubs.

I have been dealing with this factory before and they’re quality is just as good as Maytech. Still rocking a single 6355 motor. But will these hubs last? or here?

I’m asking for your opinion on these hubs. Credits need to be given where they should be. Stop ditching start connecting

ok sry… my opinion: another chinese toy