New Hummie Hubs!

will come with 2 of the new motors, two paris v2 195 trucks and the custom 12mm hanger for the motors, 2 tires, and two abec11 centrax 83 green wheels the hanger that goes with the motors matches the paris v2 baseplate and I don’t know if any other baseplates have the same dimensions that would work with this hanger.


I’m honestly really excited to get my hands on those wide centrax wheels…they look grippy

Also could we get a list for 4WD too please?

but I have nothing for sale yet. give it a hair more time.

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Wait, what?? What material was the mold made from?

Silicone 55 duro I think. he twisted It and it ripped through the pouring reservoir which was thinnest. I thought he knew what the point was, but the new mold is a relief really and I got some accelerator and made it wider as with the vacuum on it it would bubble a bit, and the print I waxed and made smooth, and have a good level surface I can use to pull against to get the part out. you used air pressure on your pour and air holes right? I’m always wrestling with a mold or copper wire. the wheel mold is good and a huge pour hole its just this core mold that’s harder to fill. filling with carbon too and the resin is 200f

For how many pours will each mold last? I remember seeing on Tested Adam Savage was talking about model kits being sloppier the later the run with injection molding, however I think they were using plastic.

don’t know. the old molds for the old wheel I stopped pouring but they were still good. silicone molds can last hundreds of pours at least or you can rip them like a numbskull.
but I have full faith wheels will be poured this weekend and finally rolling. molds cured and warmin it and the goo up now.

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Hello, I’m sorry to ask these question here, I’m sure they have answers somewhere in here but the thread is too long to read it all and the replies usually go out of context.

  1. These hubs seems to have been developing for a long time, do you have a finished product ready for sale?

  2. If not, how much time do you estimate development should finish?

  3. What’s the maximum power they could hold (maximum current and maximum voltage?

  4. Are they comparable with R-SPEC ghosts in power/torque delivery or are there any tests that have shown better performance?

no just a lot of talk still. i’ll update this thread when something happens. I’ll post pics.


They’re black. Non translucent. No smoke.

Please keep entertaining us with your knowledgeable posts.

Also I hope you enjoy all of my hidden edits on everything you flagged. It’s a statement of my love, for your posts.


maybe he did something to piss all you guys off sorry to hear. they look somewhat translucent from the pic. its like wild animals are in here and eat you up…don’t slip!


Just wanted to say, I’ve been following this thread since the beginning and I love seeing the amount of effort and passion you’ve put into these. Thank you for your work and I’ll definitely be down for a pair when you get your kickstarter going.


It’s just an effect, they refect some light. The wheels are completely black .


The only reflect Light when they’re new and being stared at instead of ridden and ground into pavement.


Why are we talking about Abecs in this thead when they don’t fit hummies? Sorry I’m lost

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Someone asked for clear charcoal like the evolve f1…

Clearly they are not clear :wink:

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lol oh. not much conversation in this thread about choice of deck.

what’s everyone planning on using? and what size pack?

I may initially set these up on a jet spud with a 12s2p or 3p pack from @Eboosted, I guess it depends on how many he thinks he can fit in his design.

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I’m keeping It simple with 10s4p and a custom painted deck that almost fits the vanguard enclosures

  1. They are around 90% complete. It’s mostly about optimizing the assembly at this point and really, just wheels.

  2. Likely within the next month. All of the pieces are there, it’s just assembly and figuring out the wheels. But we already know a lot about the wheels, so can’t imagine it will take that much longer.

  3. We haven’t tested then new wind, which should perform even better than the wind I did on my v3 motors. And with those, I tested to 1500 battery watts continuous per motor without any issues. They could likely do much more. I wouldn’t worry about it. Your vesc and most likely, battery will limit you far before the motors will.

  4. They are likely just as powerful, maybe a bit more powerful, it’s like comparing apples to oranges at this point. The v3 test I did where I race mojo on the r2, I beat him by a little more than double, but I hade 4wd vs his 2wd. And that was with the old wind also. It’s unknown at this point who will land on top.,but I expect they will be very similar in torque.