New Hummie Hubs!

Are these hubs going to support 12S?

At 12S, 50.4V and 1500W, a little less than 30A per motor, people have been running 80A on outrunners at 12S with 4000W motors, can you compare the power delivery between outrunners and hubs? or the maximum power can’t be used to compare performance between them?


based on 78kv, 83mm tire, 1:1 gearing (hub), 0.057ohm, 46v pack, 30a battery limit per motor, 90a motor limit per motor:

with ~30% larger tires (~107mm), 4 motors & ~35a-40a battery limit per motor looks like you’d have enough power there for 45mph.


We recommend 12s for these hubs. I’m sure you could do much higher also, theres nothing really stopping you.

1500 watts per motor in 4wd is where I start to lose traction on hard accelerations, so if you really need every little bit of power, theres always that option.

In terms of how much power these motors can take, it’s really unknown at this point. I think 1500w con is a conservative number.

At the end of the day, what makes a motor powerful and to be able to handle high current and high amps:

  • Small air gap (check)
  • Large stator (check)
  • Lots of copper (check)
  • Big and powerful magnets (check)
  • Ultra low winding resistance (check)
  • High heat components in case things do get hot under high loads (check)

In terms of size, these are larger than most outrunner motors. Bigger stator, more copper, and a lower winding resistance. Everything in the motor is rated to at least 300 F, most parts are rated to 400 F, though I wouldn’t recommend getting them close to there. If you really want the power, 4wd is a better way to go anyways. Don’t think the focbox or any vesc can reliably do 80a con anyway. You do less stress on the motors and esc’s also. I think 3000w con is more than enough for most who want a dual drive hub motor. That’s 10x the power output of those cheaper china hub motors.

The only outrunners I expect will beat these hub motors will be 80mm outrunners. Those guys have a much larger stator, larger magents, ect, and a hub motor made for air filled tires would be the only way you could compete with those things. Even then, I beat Dereks 80mm motors off the line 3/3 times. Only time will tell!


I wanna see who comes off the line first…

Your 4wd or my Evo… We’re both about 130… So think that would be more fair…vs 2.5x your weight…

As I’m pushing close to 2700w per motor…


Smack Down!

@evoheyax you’ve been called out bro! :smiling_imp:

make sure there is video dudes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I can’t wait to do more racing! Just been so hard to find a real competition, haha. I think there’s a lot of interesting races that need to be done.


True. While I mostly ride for joy, and the mentality of keep up or be left in group rides(haha sorry to all my slow Bros), I’d totally be down for a few fun races.

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killed my vacuum pump making wheels. the new one will be here Wednesday and back at it.

ive been trying to pour this extremely finicky rubber first that needs to be kept from open-air and under a nitrogen blanket. 75 duro and 75 percent rebound is awesome stuff. it’s definitely harder to get right than the rest of the stuff I have. it will happen. the parts look good but with air bubbles from exposure to oxygen I think. fear not and i’m looking into it. I have other easier stuff to pour but want to go for this first.


Add me to that boat, want to see my evo 4wd or the hummies 4wd


damn and the new pump wont turn over! ordered another with two day shipping be here Saturday. harbor freight isn’t going to cut it. sorry for the delay

Did you ship any hubs yet @hummie ?

Nope, still trying to get wheels going. Lost 5 days to the pump breaking and the new pump we bought I guess they didn’t test, cause it didn’t work. So we had to order another one, which finally arrived yesterday and works.

So wheels are getting made now.

We are still waiting on some more magnets and winding epoxy, which should be here any day. hummies been winding motors still though while we wait.


Don’t forget some pics of the wheels in the making!


if I had a decent camera or gopro I would.

what I thought was a clear resin, starts clear and ends a skim milk white. so making white and black wheels today


Juuust getting it down. Here’s the progression minus some ugly duds.


looking sooooo coooooolll

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Looking good Hummie!

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Is this on a 3D printed core? @Hummie

no its cast. doing a couple different resins. popping another in the oven now. I think the carbon or fiberglass and heat resistant epoxy will hold best. will be seeing soon.


If this polyurethane holds up, they will be really nice. The rebound is amazing, should make for super smooth rides. All 4 of those were wheels and cores hummie poured. No 3d prints! Though I do want to try a pc-abs core still.

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