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close to 3/4 and inch tall @flywithgriff just shy of one inch

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This may be too late, perhaps you have your answer already. Also I’m no expert so will humbly accept correction, but:

  • Long battery wires can be bad as more inductance leads to more back emf and those spikes can shorten the life of the ESC. That’s why there are big capacitors in parallel to the inputs from the battery and you can compensate for long battery wires by adding some more. There is a ton of advice out there, (low serial resistance, close to the ESC as poss etc.), but you can just buy little boards with appropriate caps on them, boards with natty holes and tabs such that you can get them really close to the ESC.
  • Long motor cables (phase wires) are less of an issue and tend to just introduce more loss. There is a limit of course, you don’t want massively long cables, but actually inductance on those ones is apparently slightly helpful. You may get less mileage as wasted energy heating the longer cables but performance and durability shouldn’t suffer too much. Those are generalizations, quite possibly wrong (really) and everything has it’s limits. But I would err on shorter battery cables if you are forced to make a decision, and if the battery leads are still over 10cm then bolstering the source capacitance might be a good idea anyway especially with the giant currents an MTB is likely to draw. Caps are usually a lot cheaper and easier to get than new ESCs, (especially swanky VESCs) and having it break when out and about would suck.
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Swapping the wires does technically void your warranty, as any modifications to our product will. Don’t worry though - you can always purchase the platinum warranty on the FOCBOX which covers user modifcations too!

Just FYI Adrian, your focbox has had the wrong labeling for the sensor wires since the vesc-x. Including the new batch.

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Thanks for letting us know Jinra - we’ve just been made aware of this issue too. I’ll try to get something posted today so we can clarify the issue (unless one of you awesome, knowledgeable community members beats us to the punch, of course).

Yep, your +5v and GND wires are correct, but your temp wire label is in the wrong place.

The highlighted label “T” should be next to “5V” and H1, H2 H3, should be next to GND.


Damn, that’s inconvenient! Thanks so much for dropping some knowledge for us to help out our customers. We’ll update the FOCBOX Help Guide using this info.

How’s the FOCBOX working for you otherwise?

No idea! They’ll be going on my hub build whenever I get around to buying those. I will say the FOCBOX build quality is very nice with the matte plastic enclosure and metal heatsink.

FOCBOX is working spiffy, just went for a nice run… quiet as a church =)

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I just hope your not referring to a gospel church :grin: :joy:


I have a distance of about 16" between between my batteries and my FOCBOX. I want to run FOC, which wires should be the longest?

Awesome trancejunkie! Glad to hear it’s working well!

@adrianenertion Could you shed some light on my previous question as to suggested wire length?

the motors are the choir!

Unfortunately, I don’t have that information on hand flywithgriff, but i’ve forwarded it to my tech guys so we can try to get you an answer ASAP. Please bear with us.

Awesome, Thank you! This is my first venture with Enertion and I hope it is as great as others have said it can be.

@Flywithgriff Here’s what our engineer had to say:

16" on the power cable is fine. The FOCBOX has large bulk decoupling capacitors, so closer is always going to be better though

Perfect, FOC should be just fine as long as the power wires from vesc to FOCBOX are 16" or shorter. Thank You

You’re most welcome!

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question but could I use a nyko kama with the focbox ? Cheers