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NEW IMPROVED: FOCBOX | Official Thread

YES, it supports sensored motor

Higher current draw, less heat.

435 euro’s is what I paid for my dual vesc’s 4.12 :smiley: so not really

I agree, $400 is high, so buy it now for just $322.61

If we preorder from Europe, will it be sent to your European warehouse first or would there be customs?

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The first 200 at least will be from USA warehouse.

Unless you EU guys organize a group buy of min 20pcs. Then it’s 100% duty free guaranteed.

320 usd is a fair price, but I’m scared of buying product that has not been tested over time. Your VESCs are known as not the best ( pretty much everyone recommends VESC from chaka instead ), so I would rather wait, I’m going to build my project in early 2017 anyway.


i don’t think this will happen, as you need a way to swap parts quickly & cheaply, if one motor controller dies you need to swap two out for twice the cost.

Problem with VESC-X is that it’s almost the same price as your other offer:
I don’t know how problematic is your previous VESC but this deal looks much better overall unless this is true:
Please elaborate on this accusations. Is it even possible that you shipped that faulty product? Even if, is it possible that you would act like that with warranty?


You can do two ESCs on a single board sharing some components, like the CPU, which would result in a smaller footprint and lower price.

This makes sense when product is mature. Now the risk of burning one and ending up with both dead would be too much. I’d risk it if somebody would guarantee that his ESC is properly proofed for every possible scenario. Wrong polarity? No problem. Large voltage spike? Same. Check this link to know what I’m talking about:

We’re not there with VESC yet I suppose.

The product that was shipped had an obvious manufacturing fault we are sorting him out under the terms of our warranty. No problem really. Of course, the guy is pissed off & so he should be.

The worker who assembled that batch lost his job too. That mistake is unacceptable. sometimes shit happens & that’s is why we have a warranty.

Actually, this is one of the main reasons we are introducing two stages of testing. It will prevent the stupids mistakes from tired workers.

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Higher current-draw and less heat will not persuade me into buying this. The benefit I’d need to have to justify an order would be higher FOC reliability. If that is not the case the v4 is already good enough. Who uses “all the current” anyway? You are even limiting the Space cell to 40amps as far as I know with a fuse. That is well below the VESC v4 rated at continous 50A.

I am happy with my two v4.12 VESCs from you for my Jacob Hubs :thumbsup:

This is exactly why my hand is more frequently hovering over this offer:

instead of VESC-X. I like VESC-X because of all the work that’s been put into it, it finally looks like professional product, maybe some things I know about but never encountered in real life has been polished, but it’s really hard to justify €250 more for set of two (when you add motors). Not to mention lack of 2 years warranty (something you get used to living in EU).

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hubs motors need more current to generate torque, they also run hotter, especially if they are big hubs… so we need a vesc that can handle it.

and what makes you think our batteries will always have a 40A fuse… maybe the next version won’t :wink:

that is a one time deal & it’s about to end… so make your decision soon.

A first view looks more like it should be equally expensive or maybe less expensive. (Sure the case is expensive, but I wouldn’t count this to the “upgraded BOM components”. The only more expensive part are the MOSFETS. 3,68€ (IRF7749) to 3,30€ (IRFS7530) for one FET. With the higher quantity the differences get lower. You are saving a lot of money using a lot less capacitors. Like going from 15u100V to 4.7u100V, 2 63V Elkos instead of 3 Elkos and more capacitor “downgrade”.

To the two testing stages. When they are as good as your old “spin up testings” which don’t be executed like you can read here: that brings nothing. But I think you will find enough people here which buy your new VESC-X and then see that they have major quality problems. Good luck. Then they can buy your warranty to get a new one. :smile:

You expected chaka to upload his “upgraded components” but you are not willed to upload at least your BOM (to see the “upgrade”) or the layout? Very contradictory.

Good to know. Thanks.


I want to pre order one but I disagree with your warranty procedures and what make it worse is its a brand new item with probably limited testing. Vesc 4.12 has been out for a while now and still getting some small issues but this brand new vescx should be better but just not with out warranty to back the consumer for if there is any issues creep up with manufacturing or design issue. Wouldn’t want to miss the deal and have to pay full whack either so is there not going to be any support for first batch buyers.

Thank you for trying to download the files and pointing out they are not source files. And thank you for analysis of components and a link to xlv thread. Your post is more informative than this whole topic.

The vesc-x has a 60 day limited warranty included. It covers manufacturer faults, which should be easily identified on receipt of the product. After two stages of testing we expect near zero DOA.

You also have a choice to purchase an instant replacement warranty. This is only $39USD. You get up to two replacements of VESC-X no matter what the fault is.