NEW IMPROVED: FOCBOX | Official Thread

Ahh I see, thanks for explaining!

In this case, wouldn’t each phase wire have current running through it for 2/3 of the time?

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awesome explanation! it all clicked once read that.

Hey! Add me to the list please. :slight_smile: Thank you in advance.

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please add me to the list as well…

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@lox897 look like I’m missing the party… count me in as well…

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Please add me too. Thanks

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Please count me in too. Thanks!

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Me too please! +1

Heck, don’t even know what it is but now I want it too. +💯 !

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Does the Focbox work fine with the extended bldc tool and modified firmware?

Yes it does. Behaves just like a normal VESC

Installed and running great on focbox, running FOC on Yuneec E-Go2 motor. Android app is awesome. Props and thanks to the developer.

@lox897 I’ll have one too man, sign me up.

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Lol you want the VESC-X files? Can you please fix them on your website?

Here we go boys:

@Kaly @miguelop24 @Surfer @Alanhunt123 @marcdecator @themegak @The_Dude @Martinsp @DavidBanner @JohnnyMeduse @Mobutusan @Ronny_CTS @Vieo


Thank you!

It seems like the only thing that is different in the schematic is the big diode and the FETS, right?

Thanks a lot mate! I just bought 2 focboxes so this might come in handy if i ever need to do a repair…although the version i bought are more recent version than these files…anyway thanks!

Only person that can give the latest files is @onloop :slight_smile:

thank you @lox897

Thanks you so much! I want to make some of these by my own, so this is really helpful