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@adrianenertion Could you shed some light on my previous question as to suggested wire length?

the motors are the choir!

Unfortunately, I don’t have that information on hand flywithgriff, but i’ve forwarded it to my tech guys so we can try to get you an answer ASAP. Please bear with us.

Awesome, Thank you! This is my first venture with Enertion and I hope it is as great as others have said it can be.

@Flywithgriff Here’s what our engineer had to say:

16" on the power cable is fine. The FOCBOX has large bulk decoupling capacitors, so closer is always going to be better though

Perfect, FOC should be just fine as long as the power wires from vesc to FOCBOX are 16" or shorter. Thank You

You’re most welcome!

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question but could I use a nyko kama with the focbox ? Cheers

Running Dual FOCBOX in FOC. Canbus or split servo/y cable??

CAN bus, to keep the transceivers safe and sound, while connected in CAN ALWAYS power to both controllers

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yes you can

Thank you very much.

Intelligent esk8 humor at it’s finest




So, the FOCBOX is based on VESC4 Hardware and firmware. But did you actually implement Motor-Temperature readout and reglementation ?

cause i read that sind 2.18 is was never implemented on the “Standard-Vescs”

The Implement is only firmware related… The hardware was already able to cope with a temps sensors.

I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been any official f/w updates since 2.18. I guess Vedder’s been too busy with the VESC tool. On that note I wonder why @Ackmaniac’s f/w goes to 2.54

I think the big updated is going to be the new VESC-tool…

And Niko has probably just ask a drunk guy a number between 0 and 100


Hmm, but will the new VESC-Tool also update the “old” VESC4-Firmwares ?? or maybe just the VESC6 FW.

could be that VESC4 developement is history now i guess, if not anyone here does it ? But it is for sure not me .

The new vesc tool should Work on 4,12 HW All so :smiley:

Are there any “Release - Rumors” on the new VESC Tool.