New in:

Micah from ebikeschool just leveled up.

I actually bought his books last year:

DIY Lithium Batteries: How to Build Your Own Battery Packs

Very promising.


wohoo! another reseller of shitty chinese stuff! exactly what we need!


As long as the price is right and the shipping is fact , resell ! The US is lacking in a Few items that the EU has (in my buy everything experience from the Anubis) , hopefully this dude can provide those products.

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the only things i would recommend from his site are those batteries (not the 10s1p tho…) and that remote.


lol ok

“If you need a compatible remote and receiver, we recommend this remote and receiver that are designed to be plug and play with this BMS.”

This was for their dual esc. This is what happens when you don’t know anything about the shit your selling


Yeah, but to the uneducated buyer those buzzwords and buzzaccs (acronym) sound awesome


Greco had me at 10S1P, I can’t stop laughing at the dinner table lol

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25R 30A continuous discharge? Something could could easily reach… at 25A discharge those cells go to 110 Celcius. Its like selling a


where does it say 30a discharge?

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ahhh for the 30q’s. @bimmer said 25r’s

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Yes I did 10S1P SAMSUNG 25R ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD BATTERY (36V 2.5AH) Includes 30A maximum continuous discharge BMS to protect cells during both charging and discharging.

“Maximum continuous discharge current: 20A”

But what is Limiting that? If the Bms is for 30?

But people buying on there will probably not know how to limit their current draw to 20A.

the speed controller. almost everyone here buys bms’s rated for atleast 20a more than what their pack can discharge. the bms over discharge is a last resort, just like alot of the other features of a bms. its there incase something goes wrong

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I stay by my its a bomb.

I dont disagree. im just saying that it doesnt say to use the pack at 30a

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Maybe you should offer him a contract to rewrite all his info

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nah. if he’s too lazy to learn what he is selling im happy to sit back and watch him crash and burn


I don’t really see why I would buy anything from here. Of the items I would consider buying, I can get them for a lot cheaper from other sources.