New in: TRAMPA's Orrsum Longboard with 6.5 inch URBAN TREADS

Brilliant, purposeful, go-anywhere at anytime design by @trampa ships this Summer.

Straight-up superior to Evolve. The Bamboo GT’s price point is $1650 shipped (Carbon is $2250 if memory serves).

Trampa Orrsum should be the perfect platform for builders to offer superior Orrsum-based ESK8s for /far/ less than the Evolve GT Carbon price.

@Nowind is an E-TOXX Stealth Drive possible with this config? Happy to be your first customer, too.


It will come with a nice drive train. We just need to ad that to the Website. A lot of thought went in that drive train system, allowing to use PU wheels, Gummies and pneumatics. Keep an eye on the website in the next weeks.


Please, take my college monies.


Nice! That’s pretty sweet :slight_smile: I may have to get me one.


Thanks for reminding me dude… but no i actually got no Drive for this Truck.


And now we need at nice custom enclosure for this deck, come on Trampa. We all need enclosures for the boards…

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The electric version is not up on the website yet. It will have everything it needs… The only thing that you want to ad is a 12S4P battery. We will ship the board more or less complete with drives, motors and enclosure.

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what is the ugly protrusion in the baseplate for?

To fill the gap in the deck when the baseplate is mounted under the deck? For when it’s running smaller wheels? Just guessing here.

A few real pictures would be helpful. Also wouldn’t mind knowing what it weighs; same material, slightly lighter trucks, but I’m guessing about the same as a carver?

but whats the benefit of having it there anyway? with this design you also can’t mount it to a different deck without cutouts.

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You can, and you will have cable channels as a benefit on top of that. Drop through, Drop in and below deck is possible. Total difference in deck position: ± 30mm. When riding pneumatics / Gummies you want to lower your deck and get a nice carve feeling out of your trucks. The feeling is similar to a 30mm drop down deck.

Shred Lights will go straigt onto the baseplate when mounted drop through.

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Wow, I love this new design, thinking of selling my Urban Carver for this. I even see that hanger is similar form to TB218 so I will adapt 1:3 drivetrain for this. Can’t wait to get one on hands

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Good idea with the cable channels. But the protrusion should then be on the adapter - not the baseplate. I want to be able to choose how thick the baseplate should be and not be forced to use the adapter on a standard deck.

Our Trucks will feature a pivot cup that sits a lot higher up the baseplate to give the board the beautiful carving experience it has. You can use the truck just like any other LB Tuck, using the cable routing adaptor provided. It is simply more versatile and brings more options on the table…


I don’t understand what you are saying. Why does the cable channel protrusion need to be on the baseplate and couldn’t be added to the adapter?

Feel free mount the hanger onto a Caliber II style Baseplate if that is what you want. That will place the hanger in the exact same location as using the adaptor. But you won’t have any cable slots…

still don’t understand what the benefit is of having the protrusion on the baseplate instead of the adapter. Question is not how I can find a solution but why create a problem in the first place?

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Cuz that’s where your pivot cup sits. Way up above the deck. You can’t place a pivot cup in an adaptor. Other boards need a drop down to achieve the same ride feeling.

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I like how you’ve kept the price the same for the electric and non-electric versions!

Ahhhh - now I see. That was not obvious because you are using a wrong image on your website then: image

but I guess the protrusion itself is also not visible so I should have seen it.