New in: Verreal $409 shipped

I purchased one yesterday for my BuddyBuddy Cruiser that I skate “acoustic”.

(Mellow Drive battery falls out = DIY concussion kit)

That being said, I liked the BuddyBuddy deck so much I went to Mellow USA and bought a Cruiser deck - and I’m so glad I did, because today it’s my grab and go. BuddyBuddy’s manufacturing ethos Alexis is the real deal.

Meanwhile, people I trust are glowing over this Verreal.

Will the BuddyBuddy Cruiser uber Verreal be the best urban explorer for the price, anywhere? We’ll find out. :slight_smile:

Sale ends soon. Good hunting.

I thought the Verreal was in the $275 price range?

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meepo clone for almost double the price? yay?


Actually the difference with the Vereal is the interchangable urethane plus the ride is much better. Is a Meepo killer. But this price in this video is too much. First time I saw the board was like $ 275. Now is expensive. Whats going on?

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It will go the same for me then… i’m in Taylor & Post

those motors look pretty similar to meepo hubs, is that just a the outer part of the motor sold as “replaceable urethane”? its almost as expensive as the entire motor


good guy.

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Motors supplied by the same factory.

Interesting. Does Meepo also have 21 curved (or trapezoidal) magnets in 1.5?

If memory serves, the 1.0 had 20 flat magnets.

All these board are ruined by poor quality reputation, arguing that it’s quality when it looks like all the others which came before it and had horrible issues makes no sense…best to start with something that looks nothing like it, if it’s truly different, right? Otherwise it just looks like another company trying to dump old stock of failed and obsolete parts no one wants…if these companies spent as much time and effort on the product quality as they do trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes, they might actually get somewhere…I want to see that board after 3000 miles on it…most of these things are designed to run long enough for the seller to just get away and re-brand…

Why are we talking about this trash. Isn’t this what is for?


I’m with you on this one

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jason would personally murder you if he read that :rofl:


You are prolly right. Honestly I have thought about getting an R2 on many occasions, but I enjoy building too much. Im sure the R2 is outclassing every other pre-build excluding the Ollin and Carvon models, but I still think these things belong over there.


this forum section isn’t needed here…it just invites this stuff…


Agreed. We should kill the section if it’s not welcomed by the community.