New innovative high performance DIY kit for sale | split enclosures | 10s3p 30Q | Jacobs Hubs | EU

Hi guys, I’m starting up a business selling fully modular high performance electric skateboards. The boards are the result of the past 1,5 years building, and riding over 5000km in the city while developing the perfect board for my own requirements (flex, range, durability, modularity).

I have 3 self-assembly kits available for sale at €950 (or €1050 fully assembled) exclusively for forum members . Plus shipping from Barcelona, or come pick-up here and let’s go for a ride. The board can be taken on the plane, thanks to it’s modularity and and the 3x separate battery packs.

  • 326wh battery packs divided into 3x separate packs placed inside 2x high strength 3D printed PETG enclosures with built in M5 windings.
  • 120A dual motor ESC (no switch necessary), external UBEC and Nano remote
  • flexible boosted clone deck bamboo/maple, stiffer than the Vanguard Flex3
  • Laser-cut Landyachtz soft griptape
  • Top mounted voltage display
  • 2x Jacobs hubs with improved wheels, slippage occurs after ca. 500km but can be replaced easily, or upgraded to wheels from @ralphy
  • 83mm 78a wide contact wheels
  • 42v 4AMP fanless charger
  • All the XT60 and cables are pre-assembled to the correct lengths, and holes pre-drilled into the deck

For more information check my Instagram @ampdboards and website, and let me know if you are interested or have any questions.