New! IP67 Rated BMS

Hello friends,

As most of you may have read my posts, you might know I am a fan of:

  • Micro BMS (small footprint)
  • Charge Only
  • properly insulated to not short on anything(foam padded or wrapped etc)

So what is changing? I recently for the first time got stuck in a down pour. My Enclosure was sealed properly and no issues there, but alas it opened my eyes to diving further into, more protection for complete prevention

One if the biggest killers for people isn’t water, but road dust. I have ordered one of each 10s/12s/13s version of these BMS to test. Would love to hear others input if they have used these? If not I am super excited to try these.

Looking forward to this, as well as possibly experiementing with potting Bluetooth modules and receivers in silicone.

Your thoughts below :slight_smile:


Not for esk8 specifically, but I find some conformal coating on PCBs is all I need for very good water, dust, scratching resistance on bare parts. The current on these units seems small, has anyone tried coating a normal BMS?

Doesnt dickyho sell something like this?

Charge only

Anyways yes conformal coating does work. But it is an extra step and requires multiple coatings to truely be water proof. For 28 bucks and already potted they seem like a steal…?


facepalm I’m an idiot and didn’t read. I think I’ll get one of these, in that case. Can’t go very wrong for $30

What do you think?

Only for US people :-/

I don’t see the 12s version

definitely will be awaiting your review on this. seems like a good deal if it exactly what it is.

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That’s what I am going to try to find out.

I ordered one extra 10s specifically to throw old laptop cells together in a 10s1p configuration. As I plan on fish bowling the BMS like the pictures. It will either be a spectacular win. Or a nice firework show in an ammo container.

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I’ve used this…currently opening a dispute case for return. Doesn’t charge your battery pack fully. It cuts current once a cell/cell group reaches 4.2V. I’d recommend staying away.

Sounds more likely that one or your cells is outside of the balancing range… :confused:

Does it not balance the cells?

The specs are the same as most BMS. I’m betting his battery has a dropped cell, or a damaged parallel pack with different IR. And the voltage of one of the series is out of balancing range.

Make sure you toss some salt and sand in the water because all the water that gets in mine is salty and gritty from the snow treatments on the roads.

Did you see this one?


Yep planned on it @b264 . And yea I actually have the one you linked for my Icarus build.


I don’t suppose when you get yours you could take it apart and get some part numbers? If it has a micro controller some custom firmware might be nice

This is funny. I got a bundle of batteries and some other random stuff from @bimmer.

It had 2 10s BMSs. I hadn’t looked into them much, but wouldn’t you know it:

Funny. And cool.

Edit: Don’t have a plan for them yet, but I will through them on something soon.


Not completely. Once a cell group reaches 4.2v it stops charging the pack, leaving other groups unbalanced